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Word Magik & Info Porn April 2, 2017 | Marilee NiEtain
Tags: Word Magik & Info Porn April 2 2017 | Marilee NiEtain www.soultribesanctuary.net

Word Magik & Info Porn


April 2, 2017

 Marilee NiEtain

And the term "enlightenment" has been hijacked and spun into the false program joining the long and ever growing list of distractions...


Some who have followed my work for a while will be aware of some of the terms I have begun putting out there as well as my indications of how core wisdom has been altered in past cycles and is being altered to this day. I awoke to a few indications that the term "word magik" has now been introduced to this hijacking on a new level. A few hashtags scattered about and the sense that this will increase has me putting out this message for those new to the awareness of the scent. Be very discerning with the increasing popularity of how to interpret word magik (magic, magick, etc). There will undoubtedly be an influx of misinformation and disinformation rapidly ensuing. The ONLY dependable way to decipher the code is from within and NOT from all who will be jumping on this bandwagon meant to confuse and infest. Do not give into the "fun" manner of which some are presenting the nuances of word structure and spelling. (There is a reason it is called "spelling" and you can either be the speller or become the spellee.) A lot of misinterpretation can be put into this game and warrants a little background into etymology. So if you see some of this being nonchalantly thrown around and it interests you, please look deeper and do not give into the conditioned 3 second attention span and wishy washy entrances poked into your subconscious by generations of visual and audio subliminals (color and memes are the new shortcut). Remember, your conscious intellect is only about 5% of your awareness. The ability of the parasite to program the subconscious, which is 95% of your capability, is being used all around you. And will continue until you claim your own sovereignty and firmly set your limits and boundaries.


This leads directly to the reason many of us are restricting much of what we discuss and very little goes into the social media stronghold of control. Very little of the information spinning out there right now is new information. Only hijacked and respun information with insidious intention behind the deception. This is the primary vehicle that is being used to hijack authentic information and spinning it into the false program to keep well intentioned seekers locked into the newly upgraded info porn I have been speaking of. The same tactic used with the once respected fringe knowledge research/conspiracy theory/truther movement, now known as disclosure. Fear porn infested these movements and then the more recent info porn followed suit. All meant to distract from the frequency behind the curtain, the Demiurge/Wetiko/AI-HD parasite. Be aware of the puppets, stage, and spin - but do not get lured in and hyper-focused on the glamour and illusion. The convoluted nature of that smoke screen is very effective in keeping one locked in on detail only to allow the parasite behind the curtain free movement to continue controlling the levers. Once one gets the scent and sees the false binary programming tactics for what they are, that authentic Spirit is well on its way to remembrance and the primal path back to its authentic, sovereign Being. The original and intended power of the host that the parasite does not want known. At any cost it seems.


This parasite I speak of is very good in adapting, being the best little parasite it can be. It may be very useful for the reader to do a little objective research on just how the parasite/host relationship works and apply the concept to the social- and psyche- and geo-engineering going on around us. You may have to step out of the left brain, linear lock down program and let the right brain abstract nature take over for a little while. Which can be very uncomfortable for most who subscribe to the longstanding program and fear and insecurity tactics woven into this construct.


Due to the latest AI mutation and my digging into the hundreds of policies one agrees to when engaging with facebook and other media, I have withdrawn from sharing key information via these mediums. Several others who have been long standing researchers and pathworkers have followed suit. It is a risk to even drip feed the bits and pieces I have been putting out over the last few months. The "free" info porn that is spun through the internet is useless (aside from the intended spins of distraction and entrapment) to one seeking their remembrance. Just a few minutes of digging into the privacy policies of facebook rendered over 300 pages of twisted contractual language branching into at least 20 other sub"companies" of information gathering and profiling apps. Bottom line...anything posted and shared in these arenas becomes "their" property and is subjected to "their" sandbox rules. And that quagmire grows exponentially from there. And that, my friend, is a whole other set of topics within this glamoury.


You may have noticed I also choose to not get entangled with the standard blogging, click bait traps either. This is very old school, prior to social media, where we relied on direct support of those offering the work by subscribing directly to their websites and newsletters. Not handing it all over the the consumerism and cut throat marketing systems out there who control who sees what and then into the hands of the spin doctors and trolls. So direct action is requested. Subscribe to our websites and newsletters. Engage on our forums that are set up outside the direct control of social media. And refrain from supporting the click bait sites that inundate your subconscious and computer with sensationalized stimulation and profiling/information gathering. It is almost impossible to get away from it completely and still operate online. But you can take back your control of how much of your identity is used and how you engage with the matrix. Just like using your power of spending can influence the money magik system, so can your power of effectively using your energy on the internet and the fear porn and info porn traps. Feel free to share posts that originate outside of the media strong arm. For that will lead people to the real people and not the false quagmire of distraction.


Don't be duped into believing any of the puppets and agents working on behalf of the parasite (known or unknown to even themselves). And remember that being paranoid does not mean "it" isn't out to get you. All joking aside, keep in mind a parasite is only being a parasite. And a host is only being a host. But the host does have a choice in which way the scale tips. Once it is aware of how it is being used. If allowed free reign the parasite will completely consume its host at the cost of its own feeding source.


I have said many times before, this false binary program is not creative at all. And once one sees the simplicity of it the tactics become very evident. Do not be distracted by the Ages of name changes and stage rearranging. Focus in on the narrative, plot, agenda, and parasitic intent. Then the web of the illusion matrix will begin to unravel rapidly. Be prepared to be overwhelmed as this happens, as this is part of the set up. Most humans when faced with overwhelming odds immediately shut down (mostly due to the programming and the Ages of alterations of the environment and manipulation of knowledge and information). Much intended tactic. And it has been highly effective one must admit.


This info porn tactic is better facilitated by the many once well-intentioned truth seekers and budding researchers who are either unaware of the standards of citation and its usefulness to peers' united front - or their integrity has been manipulated by the false program insertions like "information and true healing are free," among many other sugar coated axioms the gullible and ignorant cling to. Yes, the information AND your inherent power is "free" in the sense that it is all already written into your authentic and sovereign template. But as soon as it (and almost everything in the matrix has been) enters into the false money magik set up the term "free" becomes "enslavement" (inversion and doublespeak run amok). As soon as you willingly (learned or bordering on ignorance) accept the contracts and agreements on any level, in any realm, you are bound to that system. Knowing when, how, and where to set those limits and boundaries as well and fearlessly commanding your sovereign Being by calling out the actions and behaviors of the parasite is paramount. This is very simple. But far from easy for most.


Hijacking and outright stealing the work of others over Ages, and now in an outright frenzy in the info porn we see around us, is one of the oldest tactics known. One only has to look at all of the manners of rewriting history according to the winners. Simple but effective. Throw in religious belief and the whole shame and blame game and all of the hyper-entitlement programming and there you have it. The foundation of the Wetiko psyche virus that as overrun society on a global and cosmic level. Proper citation and work credit is not the ownership factor many cry out in the false "information and healing is free" idiom. When used appropriately (and granted, the highly infested scientific and academic institutions have done a lot of work over the Ages to place their false control here as well by manipulating access and controlling outcomes) the standards of sharing information with proper citation and credit lay out the breadcrumbs for fellow researchers to decipher and decode who, what , when, where, and why a certain thought, idea, or concept came about. It adds a nuance of understanding beyond the surface of bits and pieces flying around willy nilly and up for grabs to the insertions of false programming diversions. And that is what we are seeing on a massive scale today, all the knowledge of the world and not a lick of wisdom - let alone gnosis. Removing the breadcrumbs compromises the authentic foundation and confounds its stability. Each one out there doing this is an agent to the undoing of the authentic power of the human experience and our empowerment to stand up to this virus. Humans have been conditioned to blindly follow authority, and most of the ones offering information out there right now are acting as agents of the false program and working as false authority. Mostly unknown even to themselves. Be aware and discerning. Always.


This short article is not meant to venture into the nuances of the false matrix. Only an introductory aspect. And I, among others, refuse to "freely" put all of the nuances out there into the parasite's realm to only be absorbed and reabsorbed over and over. Wisdom and gnosis are only available through experience and remembrance. Which everyone has access to if willing to do the work to remember it. And in this conditioned society taught to value instant gratification and the false "free" nature of their masters without the integrity and motivation to work for the remembrance they so "freely" handed over, to turn away from the petty entertainments and pleasure stimulation sequences that govern their senses becomes ever more difficult to maneuver and escape. One seems to prefer familiarity, however unhealthy and damaging it may be, over authenticity and integrity. The fear of truly standing up for ourselves unfortunately wins out usually. Authenticity and integrity have become far too inconvenient for most. Sad, but true.


I have also been speaking of the differences of knowledge, wisdom, and gnosis. As well as translation, telepathy, soulepathy, and communication directly with nous through wyrd. This gift, available to all who are willing to fully remember and to do the work necessary to filter through the Ages of distortions, is critical for the next phase of transmutation and evolution. The choice - evolve or devolve. May those with eyes to see see and ears to hear listen...


This little piece was shared yesterday as a simple post on facebook:


Taking a bit of down time for myself in the hurley burley of change blowing through my life again. Seeking closure on this last phase of the work. Miles from the nearest human. Listening to the falcon and hawk hunting calls at dusk, the rustle in the walls of nesting pack rats calling and cooing to their young, and the increasing chorus of frogs as the last bits of light disappear. I picked up an old book and came across a beautiful passage I forgot on the surface of memory, but is certainly etched deep within from memories past.


This passage is a perfect response to a number of the inquiries I have received in mixed reaction to this morning's blog post I sent out about the false binary programming that holds most in bondage. Ranging from curiosity to vicious defense out of fear, these responses are typically atypical. And are no different than in cycles past.


I have been known to use the word soulepathy with many of the pathworkers who have come my way to describe the communication of wyrd beyond even the now distorted and hijacked telepathy.


I have recently come to share a level of communication beyond even soulepathy.Tapping into nous itself. Beyond the soul container.


It is time. May those with ears hear the primal gnosis...


"...But the threads of wyrd are a dimension of ourselves that we cannot grasp with words. We spin webs of words, yet wyrd slips through like the wind. The secrets of wyrd do not lie in our word-hoards, but are locked in the soul. We can only discern the shadows of reality with our words, whereas our souls are capable of encountering the realities of wyrd directly. This is why wyrd is accessible to the sorcerer: The sorcerer sees with his soul, not with eyes limited by the shape of words" (1983, Brian Bates, The Way of Wyrd, p 74).


Here are a couple more passages from The Way of Wyrd by Brian Bates I would like to share as well:


"...You are strangling your life-force with words. Do not live your life searching around for answers in your word-hoard. You will find only words to rationalize your experience. Allow yourself to open up the wyrd, and it will cleanse, renew, change, and develop your casket of reason. Your word-hoard should serve your experience, not the reverse. [highlight mine]...


Words can be potent magic indeed, but they can also enslave us. We grasp from wyrd tiny puffs of wind and store them in our lungs as words. But we have not thereby captured a piece of reality, to be pored over and examined as if it were a glimpse of wyrd. We may as well mistake our fistfuls of air for wind itself, or a pitcher of water for the stream from which it was dipped. That is the way we are enslaved by our own power to name things" (1983, Brian Bates, The Way of Wyrd, p 74-75).


Thank you for taking the time to read through this little rant. And if you are interested in exploring what I call Primal Pathworking, feel free to browse the website and contact me should these words speak to you in spite of the false program bombardment we are all subjected to.


Thank you to those who have supported the work here at Soul Tribe Sanctuary. And please continue, as we are stepping into yet another phase of restructuring. Our products and services are available to all who wish to inquire and all proceeds go directly to the continuance of this critical work. All forms of bantering, bartering, and mutual supportive energy exchange are always welcome. Command YOUR intent behind the corrupt money magik and be the bridge back to the authentic and sovereign Beings this human experience was originally intended to nurture.


If my stewardship is not a good fit, I will be glad to refer you to others who are approaching this from varying perspectives. We have a beautiful network forming from the origins of this movement, but it is quickly stepping out of the familiar social media networks that have become heavily infested. Energy efficiency is important now, and spinning within the controlled current is a complete waste of energy. Not to mention remaining the feeding host. Your choice.


I am honored to be stewarding the core wisdoms once again... It is time...


Blessings, Gratitude, & Safe Passage


Marilee NiEtain

Steward, Primal Pathworker, Consultant, Crafter, & Author

Soul Tribe Sanctuary


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