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Can you even imagine to abort a baby before birth ???

And the US SENATE passed a bill that makes this possible SMFH


Watch at 1 min 30 sec


Published on 25 Jan 2019


FURTHERMORE in that Video is ......

Robert Barnes is a Civil Rights and Tax lawyer who's probably best known for representing actor Wesley Snipes in a tax evasion case and aquitting him of all charges that would otherwise have seen him spend 16 years in prison and pay $40 million in fines. He's offered to represent Nicholas Handmann and the boys of Covington High School pro bono and he is in complete agreement with me when he says of the Mainstream Media's unprecedented attack on the MAGA teens:
"The press was waiting and they attacked. It was a deliberate campaign. This was a conspiracy. It was a hit job. It was a hit job on their futures. It was a hit job on their reputations.
"Imagine being a 15- or 16-year old kid. You've never, ever experienced this Leftie protest culture before and you think you're just participating with the drums and with the Native American. You conduct yourself with the best possible behavior and then you go home and you discover that you're the subject of the worst libel campaign of private citizens in US legal history."
- Alexandra Burce


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