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Can you microwave away glyphosate? Health Ranger releases surprising results from glyphosate experiment at CWC Labs Tags: Chemistry cwc labs glyphosate goodfood goodhealth goodscience Health Ranger herbicide Lab Testing lab tests mass spec microwave Mike Adams

Can you microwave away glyphosate? Health Ranger releases surprising results from glyphosate experiment at CWC Labs

(Natural News) Can you microwave away glyphosate? Various rumors across ‘net have proposed many ideas about eliminating glyphosate — a cancer-causing weed killer herbicide — from food or beverages. Some of those ideas include using Apple Cider Vinegar or microwaving your food to destroy the glyphosate molecule. But do these methods really work?

As CWC Labs is the only independent mass spec laboratory in the world that conducts “open source” glyphosate experiments for the public good,  we decided to set up an experiment involving microwaving glyphosate-infused water to see what would happen.

We recently published results of another experiment that tested the glyphosate removal capabilities of popular water filters. Those findings have been widely shared, and we’ve already decided to expand our testing to a larger selection of water filters.

Our full video on the glyphosate microwaving experiment has now been released (see below), and it shows the surprising results from this seemingly simple experiment. The findings are incredibly surprising and will shock most observers.

The glyphosate microwave experiment

To conduct the experiment, we diluted industrial-strength glyphosate into water to create a concentration solution of 2 ppm (2 ug / ml). This “mother” solution was then poured into 50 ml vials, then microwaved using a 700-watt consumer-grade microwave appliance for various durations of time with the vial lids off. The microwave durations were:

  • Zero seconds (control sample)
  • 15 seconds
  • 30 seconds
  • 60 seconds
  • 120 seconds
  • 240 seconds


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The resulting water was then analyzed via triple-quad mass spec analysis (LC-MS-MS) to quantitate the remaining glyphosate concentration.

A clear pattern emerged from the experiment, as detailed in the video below.

Here’s the YouTube rendition of this video, at least until YouTube bans the channel (because YouTube and Google are intensely evil and routinely censor independent science in order to protect the profits of Monsanto and Bayer):

Shocking results reveal that microwaving glyphosate-contaminated water INCREASES the concentration of glyphosate

As the video reveals, the longer the water was microwaved, the higher the glyphosate concentration became!

In this chromatogram, the lower red peak shows the original concentration of glyphosate in the starting water, and the highest red peak shows the resulting concentration of glyphosate, following 4 minutes of microwaving:

It turns out that microwaving glyphosate-contaminated foods or beverages actually increases the concentration of glyphosate.

Consumer-grade microwave appliances do not destroy glyphosate.

This result is not surprising, knowing the chemistry of glyphosate: (C3H8NO5P)

Here’s how glyphosate looks in a 3D model:

Almost nobody is testing their products for glyphosate contamination

Despite the extreme toxicity of glyphosate, almost nobody is testing their products for glyphosate contamination. The Health Ranger Store is expanding glyphosate testing to all in-house products and already displays “Glyphosate Testing” certifications on dozens of health products, including organic turmeric extract, non-GMO vitamin C, clean chlorella superfood, colloidal silver mouthwash and much more.

To support our ongoing mission to conduct important science experiments for the public good, consider purchasing superfoods, nutritional supplements, storable foods and green living products at the Health Ranger Store, where routine tests include heavy metals (ICP-MS), microbiology (e.coli, salmonella, etc.), glyphosate (LC-MS-MS) and an increasing number of pesticide and herbicides. We are using the world’s best science to bring you the world’s cleanest foods and supplements. Our slogan, in fact, is, “Healing the world through clean food.” and Whole Foods do not conduct glyphosate testing on the products they sell. That’s why Whole Foods products routinely carry glyphosate, a simple, irrefutable fact we are already confirming in our lab.

How you can help spread the truth about glyphosate

Natural News, CWC Labs and the Health Ranger are carrying out 15 more experiments on glyphosate, publishing all results for free to the public. You can help spread the word about these incredibly important findings that help protect public health by:

  • Sharing this article
  • Sharing the video at (
  • Linking to
  • Avoiding conventional food products and purchasing organic, non-GMO foods
  • Posting links to our videos and articles in your own blogs, videos or articles

We thank you for your support! There’s a whole lot more fascinating science yet to come… (you’ll be surprised what we’re testing next…)

Where to learn more about glyphosate science

Get frequent news updates on glyphosate at

Read about organophosphates and other toxic pesticides at

View all Natural News channel videos at this link on

Hear Health Ranger podcasts on science, culture, economics and philosophy at (Warning: Politically incorrect content that may trigger weak-minded snowflakes.)

Stay up-to-date on Health Ranger science experiments and published results at

Visit the CWC Labs website at

If you’re interested in the results of the glyphosate water filter lab tests, you can watch that video here:


Why Technocrats LOVE The "Green New Deal" | Corbett Report Tags: Corbett Report James Corbett

Why Technocrats LOVE The "Green New Deal"

by James Corbett
February 16, 2019

You may have seen "Students Love Green New Deal... Until Hearing What's In It" by now, but if not you probably get the gist just from the title. Yes, it's one of those "man on the street" interview videos where random college students are asked whether they support new progressive superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ("AOC" to those in the cool crowd) and her much-ballyhooed "Green New Deal." And, as you also might be able to guess, the video highlights those eager young idealists who profess their love for the plan . . . until they discover what it actually says.

For those who might have missed it, the Green New Deal made headlines for all the wrong reasons earlier this month when some of its critics picked up on a few of the crazier aspects of the plan. Like the fact that the deal promises economic security to all those who are unable to work (standard fare in the modern nanny state era) and also to all those who are unwilling to work.

Unwilling to work? Really?

Scrambling to do damage control, AOC's team immediately took down the offending post from her website, then claimed that the screenshots of the controversial language came from "doctored" documents that were being placed online by those evil right wingers . . . until it was revealed that archives of the page had been created showing that AOC had indeed posted it to her website. So then they tried to explain away the page by saying that it had only been for internal campaign use (without explaining why that should put anyone's mind at ease).

But try as they might, AOC and her green minions can't dismiss criticisms of their cherished "Green New Deal" as mere knee-jerk opposition from those science-denying, hate-filled Repugs. A score of self-styled leftists, Democrats, progressives and other erstwhile allies in the fight against life-giving carbon dioxide have similarly opined on the ridiculous nature of this plan, from Naomi Wolf to Howard Schultz to Queen Pelosi herself, who provides the money quote: "The green dream or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is, but they’re for it right?"

Now there is no lack of nonsense to roll our eyes at in the proposed "Green New Deal" legislation, from "upgrading all existing buildings in the United States" to creating a zero-emission transportation network to mandating unionization of all jobs in the new green economy (all in the name of the manbearpig boogeyman, of course). But if we dismiss the "Green New Deal" as just another example of political hype or misguided pie-in-the-sky socialism, then we run the risk of missing the bigger story here. Because although this particular plan probably won't come to fruition in the way it's being sold, it does provide a window into our technocratic future.

As my dedicated readers know by now, technocracy is a movement that is attempting to create a system of scientific control over society. At the base of that movement is a guiding ideology, one which holds that scientists, engineers and other learned "technocrats" should be in charge of constructing and implementing this system of control.

It's not difficult to see why this ideology appeals to authoritarians of all stripes; as long as they are the ones in charge of the technocratic system, then they will get to determine every aspect of our lives. The power-mad technocrats do not simply seek control over people ("human resources" in the language of the technocrats), but control over all natural resources. All land. All minerals. All flora and fauna. Control over the earth itself.

Happily, this dream lines up very well with another group of power-mad authoritarians: the modern, hijacked, corporate-controlled environmentalists, who, as I've demonstrated, emerged from the ranks of the eugenics movement in the post-WWII era. These environmentalists, promoted and funded by the eugenicists of yore, also have the dream of controlling all natural resources on the planet . . . in the name of "preserving" it, of course. But in order to do that, they're going to need help from politicians, technocrats, authoritarians, globalists, and, oh yeah, corporations like Microsoft.

Corbett Report video editor Broc West and I recently looked at the technocratic propaganda pervading the Super Bowl commercials this year, and one example that jumps out immediately for its particular insanity is Microsoft's "Mapping the future of our forests" ad. At first glance it's almost too ridiculous to be believed, but there it is: The company that can't even engineer a stable operating system for your home computer is going to measure, catalogue and analyze every tree in the "hundred of millions of acres of forests in the United States?" because, as the "AI For Earth Grantee" featured in the video helpfully explains, "you can't manage what you can't measure." WTF?

But, as crazy as it seems, this is the ultimate goal of the technocrats and the environmentalists. As outlined in the Technocracy Study Course, a full implementation of the technocratic vision will ultimately require a complete, real-time catalogue of everything running through the economy, from raw resource to finished product (not to mention all the energy inputs and waste generated by the process of transporting, storing and manufacturing those resources into finished products). In the dream of the technocrats, everything will be itemized and catalogued in a networked database that is constantly updated. An internet of things, if you will.

And now along comes Microsoft (founded by a eugenicist billionaire from a eugenicist family, of course) to help make that happen in the name of "the environment." Isn't it all so wonderful and green?

But don't take all this from me. After all, I'm a "political extremist" and a "conspiracy-pseudoscience publisher." So take it from the ranks of the greens themselves.

Many environmentalist campaigners have started to catch on to the scam, discovering that the environmental movement is being used as a stalking horse by technocrats, globalists, corporations and other authoritarians. People like Elaine Dewar, who started attending environmental meetings and conferences in Canada as a reporter in the 1980s interested in covering the now-forgotten movement to save the Amazon rainforest. She quickly discovered that people's environmental concerns were being used by oil men like Maurice Strong for their own purposes, a story she relates in her book, Cloak of Green.

But to see specifically how this plays out in the context of the Green New Deal, we need look no further than Naomi Wolf, the progressive feminist activist and journalist who once acted as political advisor to Al Gore and Bill Clinton. If that seems like the perfect pedigree for a hardcore environmentalist, you'd be right. She's also very much against the Green New Deal.

In her video on the subject, Wolf eviscerates AOC's proposals to hand the planning and running of society over to a bunch of multinational corporations and elite-appointed panels of "environmental justice" warriors. Speaking of the Green New Deal's proposal to use technology to "draw down" greenhouse gases, Wolf correctly determines that there is a broader corporate (not to mention technocratic) agenda hidden in this idea:

"This is really important. There are new technologies that are experimental, and they're part of the arsenal of "geoengineering." The tech and IP for these—including carbon sequestration from the atmosphere and the oceans (totally experimental)—is owned by venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. It's owned by the Bill Gateses of the world. I've been reporting on this with Harvard and geoengineering in the atmosphere (called SCoPEx), so this isn't just 'let's become free of fossil fuels.' That's fantastic! But it's also a gigantic allocation of the nation's resources to these new experimental technologies [. . .] that [are] owned by companies like Intellectual Ventures, a gigantic, not transparent IP company in Silicon Valley."

One wonders how long it will take Wolf to realize that this has been the plan since the inception. To whip the planet (or at least the US) into a frenzy over pseudoscientific predictions of doom (always conveniently right around the corner) to justify the ever greater encroachment of technocrats into the lives of everyday people.

But wait! It gets worse!

The Green New Deal is not just another pork barrel for crony-connected corporations to feed at. It heralds the creation of an entirely new way of financializing nature itself.

It is impossible to articulate the incredible web of corporate interests and corporate-funded "green" groups that make up the green-industrial complex, but if you are interested I highly suggest you check out Cory Morningstar and Forrest Palmer's reporting on the subject over at the Wrong Kind of Green blog. They do an admirable job of tracing the roots of many of these trendy eco-friendly green groups to their corporate kingpins and wind up at the terrifying roots of this technocratic/environmental agenda. As Morningstar and Palmer write:

"In tandem with orchestrating a frenzy over a Green New Deal via the non-profit industrial complex and media mechanisms, WWF et al were quietly pushing forward with a 'New Deal for Nature.' The Green New Deal conjures up images of wind turbines and solar panels that are miraculously perceived as natural and holistic. (The fact that a solar panel and wind turbine has become more strongly associated with nature and environment than an actual tree, insect or animal, is in itself, quite terrifying and a stark indicator in the power of social engineering conducted on the citizenry over the last two decades.) This feat, achieved via powerful branding and NGO association, serves as the bright green mask for the even more sinister deal – the financialization of Nature – reframed as the 'New Deal for Nature.'"
[. . .]
"The implementation of the Green New Deal will lay the groundwork for payments for ecosystem services (PES). This will create the most spectacular opportunity for monetary gain that the financial sector has ever witnessed. New markets offer speculation that promises unimaginable profits. The commodification of most everything sacred, the privatization and objectification of all biodiversity and living things that are immeasurable, above and beyond monetary measure, will be unparalleled, irreversible and inescapable."

This is precisely what Patrick Wood, author of Technocracy Rising, discussed in my podcast on What Is Sustainable Development? Vast swathes of the planet are going to be privatized and commodified by these monopoly capitalists in the name of "saving the environment." In the process they are going to gradually gain control over more and more of the globe until they reach their "sustainable" technocratic dream of a completely controlled society. The masses will be forced into increasingly compacted cities wedged between ever-expanding "wilderness corridors" (reserved for the use of the technocratic elite, of course), making do with less and less as the human herd is corralled and, eventually, thinned. And all the while the cattle will go happily to the slaughter, content in the knowledge that they are "saving the earth."

You don't need to be holding a crystal ball to see where the globalists are steering society. We just need to be smart enough to listen to what they're saying and do a little reading up on their not-so-secret plans.

The only question is whether enough of the population will be duped by the trendy progressive "green"-ness of the technocrats' green cloak to buy into this raw new deal.


Coronal Holes, Cold/Snow/Hail, Surprise Guest | S0 News Feb.16.2019 Tags: S0 News

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