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Plants in the Wheel of the Year - February
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Each Plant has its place in the Wheel of the Year - depending on the Month it has a special meaning - here you will find the Plants in the particular significance in each respective Month.
In this 12-part series to be published at the Beginning of each Month, I want to introduce Herbs, Bushes and Trees, assigned by our Ancestors and their Forefathers to each Month and Festivity, following mostly the Celtic Cultural Cycle's lore and tribal knowledge in the Wheel of the Year.
These Plants are not only to be used in the particular Month in the associated Wheel of the Year Feasts, they also keep available special powers, attributes and gifts in the Cycle of the Year.

please note: Always consult a doctor before using healing remedies and read disclaimer at the end of my abstract.

parsifalrain, February, 12

Under old knowledge is understood the since time immemorial known experiences of humanity which resulted in the first step from the observation of Nature.
The changing of the Seasons, the Stars in the Sky, grow and thrive throughout the Wheel of the Year.
In this series, it's about how one once valued Nature and Man was a living part of Nature.
Of particular importance to me is the symbiosis of Man and Plant, and how to use the Plants.
Nature is a treasure full of possibilities which reveals itself to me in the effect of the Plants and in the use of the old Rituals.
My interest is to give people access to their native Kingdom of Plants and the ancient Myths and Customs of their Culture.

Plants in the Wheel of the Year - February by Parain on Scribd

The Watercress, Brunnenkresse (Nasturtium officinale)
Cruciferous plant family
(botanical described in more details in my e-book 'Spring Therapy With Weeds' on page 21)
At the Watercress, I particularly appreciate that I can collect her even in the middle of Winter.
Over snow-covered meadows I go to the forest section where the green Watercress smiles at me.
She can be found on the small, slowly flowing streamlet or marvellous but rare spectacles of Nature: Artesian aquifers.
And I'm happy about the fresh, vitamin-rich green that enriches our diet in the middle of this times low in vegetables.


the history
The Watercress is revered as one of the few medicinal Plants since ancient world.
In the Middle Ages, it was considered universal medicinal Herb because of her diverse effect.
That is why the Watercress is described in detail and praised in many medieval herbal books.

Watercress grows throughout Europe on slow-flowing waters and springs.
Mostly she covers the floor like a green carpet.

Plants should be taken only from running waters, once the plants are blooming, they are no longer well-suited for consumption.

Essential mustard oils - which give Cress its sharpness
Tannins and bitter substances
Very much Vitamin C, but also Vitamins A, D and E.
Iron, potassium, arsenic and iodine

curative effect
Antibacterial - penicillin of the forest
Blood cleansing and diuretic - ideal support for the Spring Cure
strengthens the function of liver and bile
activates the entire metabolism
Expectorant - helps with catarrh of the upper respiratory tract
Watercress is considered an aphrodisiac and appetite-stimulating, metabolism-promoting, diuretic and labor-promoting.
Therefore, Watercress should better not be consumed In pregnancy.

use as a medicinal Plant
As the ingredients of Watercress are largely lost during drying, she should be applied fresh.
Since her ingredients can irritate the gastric mucous membranes, she should not be consumed daily.

fresh Plant juice
Fresh Watercress leaves are juiced
The juice works well against coughing and hoarseness
Take a tablespoon 3 times a day

fresh Plant infusion
2 teaspoons of fresh Watercress leaves are poured over with ¼ liter of boiling Water - leave to draw for 5 minutes.
Drink a cup of it daily for 3 Weeks.
This Tea has a strong blood purifier and therefore supports a Spring Cure.

recipes from the Wild Herb cuisine
for daily use:

Sprinkle finely chopped Watercress leaves on the bread.
Just add Watercress to the salad - tastes wonderfully spicy
Blend Watercress with cottage cheese and sour cream, salt and pepper to a delicious Spring spread

Watercress soup
1 onion
½ kg of floury potatoes
a little butter
real salt, pepper, grated nutmeg
1 handful of fresh Watercress leaves
whipped cream
Chop the onion and sauté in a little butter.
Pour the vegetable soup on, add the diced potatoes and cook until soft.
Season with real salt and pepper, add a pinch of nutmeg.
Finally, boil the freshly chopped Watercress leaves very briefly.
Puree the soup and refine with whipped cream to taste.
Serve with roasted whole grain bread cubes and a few fresh leaves.

Winter vegetables with fresh Watercress
To enrich our daily vegetables with additional Vitamins, I like to add fresh Watercress.
Cut the carrots, potatoes and celery into small cubes and steam until soft.
Swirl the finished vegetables in butter, season with real salt and mix with very finely cut Watercress.



The Ground Ivy - Creeping Charlie, Gundel-Vine, Gundelrebe, Gundermann, Günsel (Wound leaflet) (Glechoma hederacea)
Mint family [Lamiaceae or Labiatae]

(botanical described in more details in my e-book 'Spring Therapy With Weeds' on page 11)
Ground Ivy is a small, rather inconspicuous plant that has already caused some garden lovers to despair, because it has the habit of growing around the house.
It is a herbaceous, perennial and, above all, hardy plant.
I really appreciate this property because I am able to collect fresh Ground Ivy leaflets right in the back of the house in February and use them in my kitchen.


history and myths
Creeping Charlie is one of the most important ingredients of the Nine Herb Soup, which has always been prepared around Maundy Thursday.
He is also known as the 'Holy Thursday soup'.
Ground Ivy gives this soup the harsh taste.
In addition, the Gundel-Vine was sacred to the Celts and Teutons.
They believed that among their leaves lived the house-and-home-ghosts who took care of the people.
If you wear Gundel-Vine wreaths in the head of Walpurgis, you can recognize every evil spirit.

The Gundel Vine is common throughout Europe, but also grows in Asia and North America.
Preferably, he grows near houses, on walls and fences.
But you can also find him in wet forests and meadows

3-7% tannins, the bitter substance Glechomin
vitamin C
0.03% to 0.06% essential oil
rosemary acid

curative effect
soothing (makes you feel good !)
stimulating bladder and kidney
regulating the entire metabolism
oral hygiene and oral infections
Ground Ivy helps with all protracted, persistent and debilitating forms of disease, especially when they are related to pus.
He helps with chronic disease like bronchitis, runny nose, and mucosal inflammation.
He also strengthens the heart and circulation, and serves as a general corroborative.
Gundel Vine has a grounding effect and helps to have both feet on the ground.
A tea from the leaves and flowers should help to drain heavy metals out of the body.

Ground Ivy should not be consumed In pregnancy, however, poisoning in humans are not known.
Creeping Charlie can be collected throughout the Year and is one of the few Plants that we can look for in the Winter under the snow or on  house walls.

The main collection time for Ground Ivy is from March to October.
The flowers can be collected from May to June, preferably when the moon is just increasing.

use as a medicinal Plant
Tea is made from fresh or dried leaves, with the effect of a tea from fresh plant parts being much higher.
Creeping Charlie can also be preserved very well as an oil, known as the Ground Ivy oil, which causes wounds to heal quickly.
In addition, leaves are collected in June or July and filled into a small glass.
The leaves are pressed tightly, covered with thistle oil and allowed to stand in a sunny spot for a few Days, until a light liquid forms at the bottom of the glass.
This is then carefully strained and stored in a dark vial.
The Bach flowers from Ground Ivy help to fix old, misunderstood feelings.
Old patterns of behavior can be better recognized and changed, especially those that you did not even notice.
It also helps to develop, tune and to express the finer qualities of one's own being.
It brings confidence in oneself no matter where one is right now..

recipes from the Wild Herb Cuisine
Ground Ivy potato cheese
300g boiled, floury potatoes
1 onion
1 cup of sour cream
2 tablespoons freshly chopped Ground Ivy leaves
Grate the potatoes, mix with chopped onion, sour cream, Gundel Vine, real salt and pepper.
Potato cheese is a wonderful spread and tastes whether great or small.
With the Ground Ivy tastes everything a little spicier and offers a welcome change in the Wild Herb Cuisine.

Gundel-Vine potato dumplings
500g of floury potato
1 egg
a little spelled flour
real salt and nutmeg
A few leaflets of the Gundel-Vine
Boil the potatoes and let it cool.
Finely grate and knead with flour and egg to a potato dough.
Add the spices and the Ground Ivy, form small patties and bake in a little butter.
Decorate with fresh leaves.

Kräuter-Wissen: Gundelrebe


This information is supplied without liability, limit or warranty.
Please note - this healing recipes may be subject to change and are without guarantee – always contact a Medical doctor before the application !
The information in this article has been carefully reviewed by me.
However, I decline any liability for any damage or consequences arising from the use or misuse of the information I have provided.
I do not give any medical advice.
If you have serious health problems, you should refrain from self-medication and seek the advice of a Medical doctor or alternative practitioner.

Some Wild Plants are protected regionally, consult the nature conservation authorities.
Collect only individual Plants, so that the stock remains !
Remember – you can only harvest something which belongs to you !

all images from Wikipedia, Wikimedia or self-made unless otherwise stated

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