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Only in 2016, a total of 26.171 bombs were dropped under the reign of Obama
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Only in 2016, a total of 26.171 bombs were dropped under the reign of Obama

Source CFR

 In the last year of the Nobel peace prize winner Barrack Hussein Obama, the USA have dropped 26.171 bombs in 7 States, namely Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya.
These are 3.027 bombs and one more country, namely Libya, as of 2015.
These figures has not published any obscure website, but the Neo-Conservative (!) pro-government think-tank Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Information came, in turn, directly from the Pentagon.

Parsifal, January 6, 2017
Most of the American bombs (24.287) were dropped on Iraq and on Syria.

Overall, but were thrown by the so-called Anti-IS coalition, consisting of the countries of Australia, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Netherlands, Jordan, Morocco and UK a total of 30.743 bombs on both countries.

According to this, the U.S. share is, 79 per cent of the bombings.

The distribution in the two countries is almost the same, 49.8 percent on Iraq and 50.2 percent on Syria, or 12.095 and 12.192 bombs, respectively.

The weight of the bombs varies between 500 pounds (227 kg) and 2.000 pounds (907 kg) and I take the average of 567 pounds, then the Americans have dropped almost 15.000 tons of bombs.

The average price of a bomb is at 25.000 dollars, which represents 654 million dollars.

The cost of the flight hour of a combat bomber of about 15.000 dollars not counting.

Now the price for the people to add up, but, for the tens of thousands of mostly civilian victims of the bomb attacks, is invaluable.

And then the destruction of the buildings and infrastructure that were caused by the bombs, go in the double-digit billions.

Now, my question is:
Why still praise the whole of the Western governments, the media, the left and nice ones, the do-gooders and who ever Obama - even at the end of his term of office - in the skies ?

There are actually still idiots who have written: 'Why Barack Obama will go down as a great President in history'.

Why were they so vehemently for Hillary Clinton as the next President, where she has but as State Secretary had a big say in the criminal war policies of Obama and has supported ?

And then this:

'Frank-Walter Steinmeier [of the German Socialist Party] wants Hillary Clinton as the next US President'.


Yes, exactly, where he bears responsibility for the violent coup in Kiev.

Obama and Hillary are mass murderers and war criminals and need to be tried, convicted and sent to prison.
They waged wars of aggression against countries, which is the highest crime against humanity !!!
The number of bombs against the seven countries to prove it !

The title page of the 'Schweizer Illustrierte' of November 2016:


'Simply the Best! - We miss you already'

If this is not Lies, Propaganda and Fake News !

Coming from the largest publisher in Switzerland, Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz AG

You know who gets the Nobel Prize for Peace ?
The Person who used the most of the products of Dynamit Nobel, so explosives.

Obama got the award in advance !

Obama's first moving vans were spotted in front of the White House:

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