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Trump's first 100 days have started
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Trump's first 100 days have started

Trump has done nothing, neither ordered murders or invaded a country, but it is clobbered from both sides of the media spectrum, all the Fake News mongers.
Obama got the Nobel peace prize, commanded in fact wars and has hundreds of thousands of deaths on his conscience, as the outgoing President is glorified.
On Saturday, on the first day of Trump's term of office, demonstrations of women took place in Washington and in other capitals of the world.

The defenders of women's rights (laughing) have not demonstrated in front of the embassies of Saudi Arabia or other Islamic countries, for the rights of women with their feet.
No, they have demonstrated against Trump who has done nothing.
They have supported Hillary Clinton, whose election campaign was financed to a large part by Saudi Arabia, where women can be flogged, and not have the right to vote.
Parsifal, January 23, 2017

image top: Demonstrators on Saturday in Washington

It was Obama, Cameron, Hollande and Merkel, who kissed the Saudi killers the feet and have supplied guns for BILLIONS to the head cutters, weapons to kill women and children in the war in Yemen.
What are the top hypocrites these feminists are on the inside, which is nothing really for your Gender to do comrades, but either to only generally speaking, your hatred for white men expressions, or as stupid sheep to join in and nose around.
I do want to make clear, therefore, I judge Trump only according to his deeds, and I will criticize him when he does something wrong.
Everything else, speculation, assumptions, predictions and bossiness is untrustworthy, and belongs to the category of Fake News.

I wonder what is going on in general ?
The Trump-critics are all suffering from a mass psychosis ?
Or are they mentally ill ?
Of all things, these who are always screaming for tolerance are the most intolerant, spreading hatred and calling for violence.
Anyone who supports Trump is hooted down, or even being crushed.
In the following video you can see how a Trump Fan quenches with a fire extinguisher a burning waste container in Washington, which torched the Trump-haters during the presidential inauguration.
He calls on the demonstrators to be peaceful and damage to property would not be the way to express ones opinion.
He is attacked and razed to the ground.

The alleged anti-fascists are exactly the ones with fascist methods against each approach, whose opinion they do not share.
The Antifa (anti-fascists) are the real fascists today.
The left-fascists say, to build walls was racist, they but have built on the last Friday walls of people, human chains to block the participants in the inauguration ceremony of the access.

And Trump has dared to say in his inaugural speech ... now wait for it ... fight against the radical Islamic terrorism and eliminate from the earth.
How did the left fascists react ?
They have referred to his speech as 'terrible' and as an 'announcement for war'.
They will find it is not good that the ISIS is finally really defeated.
They are so sympathetic to terrorists.

You know that Obama has not made one single mention of the term 'radical Islamic terrorism' in his speeches, in all of the years ?
No, he refused to call the terrorists by name because it might offend some mimosas in their feelings.
So as you are not allowed in Europe to mention the origin in the case of offenders.

So many people had gathered for the inauguration speech of Trump

Also, the problem with the Trump-haters, they can't deal with a democratic decision, if the result not corresponds to their wishes and ideas.
Then they react like a stubborn child and rampage.
Then they are looking for all sorts of reasons, to de-legitimise Trump and the electoral process.
Conversely, would have had Hillary won, would they be harping on the functioning of democracy.

Madonna said on Saturday during a demonstration in Washington, she wants to blow up the White House !
This is the same kind of terrorism, the radical Islamic terrorists of ISIS are practicing.
She said in her speech,

'Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House'

These same women who complain about Trump's alleged use of 'vulgar language', and have warned Trump that children would listen to his statements, have on their posters 'f. ck Trump' and Madonna has several times used the word 'f. ck' in her speech.

It is unbearable, such as the media and the left-fascists in the United States and in Europe, especially in Germany, have nothing else to do than to defame Trump.
They can't accept it, a democratic election has taken place, and Trump is the President.
They want the time of Obama back and continue as before, with murder, manslaughter, invaded countries, bombed back to the stone age and to make us slaves and zombies.
Those who don't want such perspectives are to be destroyed, and called 'mad', 'evil villains', 'populists', 'racists', etc.

It is always getting worse and celebrities join in, the protesters are paid.
All are running around with funereal expression and pretend, as it was the end of the world.
It is proven that George Soros put his money behind the Anti-Trump demonstrations of the women.
As you can read here the vile oligarch has connections to more than 50 'Partners' of the Women's March on Washington.
He used the women as a tool against Donald Trump that he hates.
Soros was also one of the largest 'donors' for Hillary's campaign.

Gloria Steinem in her speech in Washington

Gloria Steinem, American feminist, journalist and women's rights activist, founder and editor of the American feminist magazine, 'Ms.', and chair of the Women's March on Washington on January 21th, a day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, is a proven CIA agent and a useful tool.
Her first job was in the 1950 - and 1960's of to spy on the students movements in the United States and Europe for the CIA, and to direct the women's movement in the desired direction.

It is not a 'spontaneous' movement of the women, but a planned campaign.
In addition, if the women complain about a lack of equality, why not have it done when Obama was eight years as President ?
He was at the helm.
Why on Saturday they flied at Trump who was not a single day in the office ?
They are upset about something, what has not made Trump, and was not able to make.
It is only false accusations.

Just like as Obama was showered with false premature praise at his inauguration praised him as the Messiah, is showered Trump with the exact opposite, so premature convictions, and they see in him the evil par excellence.
Both extremes are wrong and one should be unbiased.
After 100 days I will draw up a balance sheet and then assess how he works as a President and what he is doing for mankind.
My criticism is just precipitates as hard as against Obama, Bush and Clinton, if justified.

The women who have demonstrated against Trump left a huge pile of garbage in Washington.

One of their themes is the protection of the environment, they do not practice themselves.
To clear away their dirt have the men of the street cleaning and trash removal.

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