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The Witch Hunt - and why it is still misunderstood and important at the same time
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The Witch Hunt - and why it is still misunderstood and important at the same time

deutsche Version hier und hier

'For 50 years I have never read a book that suchlike hits the nerve of our occidental culture'.
It is unfortunate that this outstanding work is only available antiquarian.
Or should I say it is indicative of the spirit of the present?'

translated from German and dedicated to my wife, children, grandchildren, all my friends (especially Peter SiNeh~) and all gentle people who are anxious to improve their lives - parsifalrain, March 18

(for easy sharing with your dear family and friends, you may download this article from my yandex disc - ca. 2,5MB as .pdf here and in german)

Who persecuted the Witch-Midwives?
And why?
How the anti-sexual morality in Europe was established

by Ottmar Lattorf

The article was already published in October 1997 in the Berlin Journal 'emotion' (contributions to the work of Wilhelm Reich, Knapp Diederichs, No. 12/13.
The publisher was Volker Lubminer Pfad 20, 13502 Berlin.
Tel. 030/43 67 30 89.
The issue had the ISDN number 0720-0579.

Here is the revised and supplemented text.
I would like to thank Prof. Bernd Senf from the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, who had invited me for 10 years to the topic of Witch Hunt to the University of Economics and Law Berlin during his lectures on the works of Wilhelm Reich.

The publisher of this brochure is the author himself:
Ottmar Lattorf, Mannsfelder Strasse 17, 50968 Cologne.
Telephone: 0221/34 11 82
Design by Ottmar Lattorf.
The cover picture is a woodcut by Gustav Dore titled 'La danse du Sabbat'.

Malleus Maleficarum = latin for 'The Hammer Against Witches', here short 'Malleus'

table of contents

1. The current aspect
2. The historical framework
3. About the 'Witches' in the Middle Ages or about the sex-friendly ways of life of old european Tribes
4. Medieval Preventive Health Care
5. About the bustle in the Bathhouse and other 'lewd' customs of the common people
6. Between the sheets
7. Contraception and Autonomy of Women in the Middle Ages
8. The Onset of Forced Sexual Morality
9. About the time when the catholic church was only formally anti-sexual
10. The Plague and its social consequences
11. The murderous character of the catholic church before the Witch Hunt
12. How the economic interests of the catholic church contradict the interests of Women
13. The catholic scholars
14. How the Witch hunters posed their private fantasies as scientific findings
15. About the origin of the name 'Witch' (by Gernot Geise)
16. About the Dog Rose [Rosa canina] (by Richard Mabey)
17. The Malleus and sexual politics in the service of the economic interests of the ruling elites
18. Who is the devil
19. Why does the anti-sexual Malleus spread so much?
Annex - 'footnotes'

'None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free'

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Ottmar Lattorf - The Witch Hunt - And Why It is Still Misunderstood and Important at the Same Time by Parain on Scribd

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