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Poland: The EU is the Soviet Union, 'in Blue'
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Poland: "The EU is the Soviet Union, 'in Blue'"

On June 1, Poland celebrated the Children's Day.
On this occasion young people were invited in the Parliament.
The topic was 'the de-communisation of public spheres:
Here, the young Michal Cywinski said to the politicians something about the state of the European Union, its agenda and what has been achieved in the post-Communist government in Poland in the last 25 years.
The Teenager said that the EU is a copy of the dictatorship of the Soviet Union, only under a 'blue Flag'.
Then he ripped the EU flag.
The parliamentarians applauded several times during his speech.

Parsifal, June 3, 2017

'We find ourselves in the Sejm (Parliament) of the Republic of Poland.
In this place, where daily those responsible required for the function of our state days to hold their meetings.

We sit in the same place as the people that took us out from under the Soviet banner and put us under the banner of the European Union.

Under their dictate of political correctness, hundreds of people die, are run over by trucks, explosions, are blown up, or by extremists shot and killed, by these who are imported by the the left trash in Brussels.

Today, the Communists are not red, today's Communists are blue.

Furthermore, I am of the opinion that the European Union must be destroyed'

Then the boy Michal, has held a flag of the EU and torn.

The teenager got for this action thunderous applause from the audience and left the rostrum.

Poland is very eu-skeptical and the most important members of the government to take on and attack the Eurocrats in Brussels more often.

The foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said he 'can't accept the authority of the EU Commission' and the relations with the EU are increasingly fragile.


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He said that what I criticize for 20 years:

'What is the legitimacy of the Commission?
The Commission has no democratic legitimacy.
You are not elected, they are determined by the governments.

We can't accept.
We can't accept that a bunch of non-elected bureaucrats to monitor the member countries, command, and rule.

We can only accept a [hrrmmm] "Federal Europe", which is based on democratic regularization'

For more than a year, reigns dispute over democracy and the rule of law with the EU.
Warsaw rejects any interference from Brussels.
Juncker has threatened, therefore, to withdraw the voting rights of the Poles in case of important EU decisions.
This, in turn, confirms the above-made statement that the EU is a dictatorship and has no democratic legitimacy.

The Polish government wants to reform the EU, it means to democratize, because otherwise more countries will follow the Brexit, as she says.

If it was to ask the population real and representative to the EU, then are France, Holland, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary candidates for an exit.
But the elections are rigged.

May be the whole dispute is only the lead to a withdrawal of Poland from the EU.
In any case, the action of Michal Cywinski is an indicator how the mood in the country is.

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