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The Shaman
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The Shaman
what is shamanism?

'Listen to me now.
Shamanism isn't a religion.
There is no dogma and no hierarchy.
It's a matter of personal experience - a way to go, a path.
By means of i.e. drum-journeys you can visit the lower world beneath our feet where animals and people reside in spiritual form.
The upper world is a paradise populated by our forefathers.
As regards being dead or alive, its living in the person you see before you now'

- Ailo Gaup, Sami Shaman

parsifalrain, December 31

Shamans are 'seers' with special power and can deliberately reach an altered state of consciousness.
Within this state, they travel to non-everyday worlds to gain knowledge and strength for themselves and - at some body's discretion others.
The Shaman is a holistically thinking person who accepts the reality as it is presented to him, without constantly asking why something is as it is.
The shamanic method has at least 40 millennia of purely spiritual knowledge - and this in almost all cultures in the world.

A Shaman is a master of energy and realizes that all Life of the Earth carries behind the material garment an energetic, in which he is in mutual exchange with the Other World, the invisible, the spiritual world.
The characteristic ability of a Shaman is his real access and contact with the beings of the other world.

Shamanic work means developing a sure sense of where a path leads before it is hit.
When meeting another person, it is important to know how to cautiously help, dodge a catastrophe in time, or escape a physically and emotionally palpable dead end.

Most of the time, there are those who carry the vocation of the Shaman, those who have gone through hardships and found the way to recovery.
Over time, the Shaman recognizes through his own healing process how he can help others.


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Shamanic Drumming to remove negative energy
Shamanism is a tool for the spiritual seeker, such as hammer, pliers or saw for the craftsman.
The Shaman uses his ability to see with the 'third eye' or 'the heart'.

'Earth my body, Water my blood, Air my breath and Fire my spirit'

-Shamanic Mantra
A Shaman can deliberately move into a trance-like state of consciousness through certain techniques and act consciously in it.
He no longer works on the superficial level of the mind, but directly on the psychic.
Virtually all Shamans in the world use similar techniques in principle, even though their rituals often differ greatly.
However, it is important to include our own cultural background.
Cults and rituals of foreign cultures exert a great fascination on people who are influenced by western thinking.
The whole thing becomes problematic when one thinks that it is done, that it is easy to take over.
It is not to be underestimated importance that I intensively deal with the habitat and the possibilities offered here, in order to create a ritual that adjusts to me, my life circumstances, my environment in terms of animal and plant life.
Shamanic healing affects the deepest layers of a human being and leaves such a lasting impression that regional or cultural differences are practically irrelevant.
what is the meaning of the word 'Shaman'?
..... It is keeper of the fire.
It is the person in charge of keeping the community together, the stories, the well-being of the community so it's not just 'healer'

Medicine Wheel

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