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Great ! Merkel destroyed in Munich ! 20,000 Watt-system drowned out !
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Great ! Merkel destroyed in Munich ! 20,000 Watt-system drowned out !
This is Merkel's final election appearance in Munich.
Her words were hardly audible as to loud whistles and protest calls.

Merkel is the most unpopular of all CDU candidates
Parsifal, September 23, 2017

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If you look at the results of all the Bundestag elections from 1949 to 2013 then you see, Merkel is the CDU-Candidate with the lowest proportion of votes compared to all her predecessors.
She is the most unpopular CDU chief since the founding of the FRG.

Only between 19 and 24 percent of the total eligible German voters have her ever voted.
As she nevertheless managed three times in the Federal Chancellery is a peculiarity of the German political system.
How is it possible that less than a quarter of the Germans want her and she still leads the government ????

The following graphic shows that the CDU, together with the CSU, has only received a majority of the votes once in the last 67 years, namely 1957, then never again ! click to enlarge

In the year 2005, when Merkel first stood for election, the CDU received 21.23 percent of the vote.
2009, the CDU slumped to only 19.03 percent.
2013 were then 24.09 percent.
Of the approximately 62 million voters, only 13.13 million, 11.82 million and 14.91 million elected the CDU and thus Merkel, they wanted to see her at the top of the government.

This means that only a small minority of German voters wanted Merkel as chancellor. It has only been achieved by means of the other parties through so-called coalitions, whose constituents have not spoken out for Merkel.
It was quite stark 2009 and 2013, where Merkel could only obtain the power of government through a large coalition with the SPD, the Socialist Party.

This is how the German political system works, where a minority can rule over the majority.

What I have not taken into account here are the non-voters, whose number is constantly increasing, because they cannot change anything in this deadlocked situation.
The frustration is great, because one can choose who they want, it always comes out Merkel as head of government.

Nevertheless, I recommend to go today, the 24th of September to the poling sites, because every vote against Merkel counts.
Not voting helps her only, because the turnout does not matter at all.

Suppose all Germans would boycott the election, except Merkel herself, then she would win and become chancellor, because she elects herself as the only one and this one valid voice determines everything.
She would be able to get 100 percent and rule alone.

Remember, do not vote is not a no to Merkel but a yes !

It is not a protest against the established system, but an approval !

Also to make an invalid voice, in which you write on the ballot as a note 'you assholes, I don't elect, nothing changes.

Whoever calls to ignore the election is clearly an electoral assistant PRO Merkel and a dubious charlatan.

The bigger the turnout the greater the chance that Merkel finally disappears !!!

It is even so, the block of non-voters might if they would elect be able to form the government.

So, go voting and use your only chance to change something on the system.

And do not be afraid of the assertion, the elections are forged and the result is fixed anyway.
You can falsify only 1 to 2 percent, for example the absentee ballot, but not the whole election at the voting box.

Too many are watching and you can also watch the counting and check the reported numbers.

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