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BOMBSHELL: FISA memo published !
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BOMBSHELL: FISA memo published

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All hell has broken loose in Washington after a four-page memo on massive abuse of FISA law was made available to the entire House on Thursday.
The content of the memo is so explosive, says journalist Sara Carter, that it could lead to the dismissal of high-ranking officials of the FBI and the Ministry of Justice and the end of the special reporting by Robert Mueller.
Parsifal, February 2, 2018

Maybe now Obama is going to sweat and the image of the 'holy black' is being scratched

By way of explanation, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), or the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Law, allows the communication of Americans communicating with foreign countries to be intercepted and used against them.

With the unproven allegation that Trump was connected to the Kremlin and the Russians had influenced the election campaign in his favor, the wiretap was justified against him.

This four-page memo, read by congressional members, shows that government agencies, in cooperation with Hillary Clinton, have abused surveillance to spy on Trump, his family and his campaign team to find 'dirt' to use against Trump can.

Law enforcement officers have said after reading through the contents that it is 'shocking', 'disturbing' and 'alarming', and one member of the congress said there have been illegal activities reminiscent of the KGB.

The classified report compiled by House Intelligence is deeply troubling and raises serious questions about the upper echelon of the Obama DOJ and Comey FBI as it relates to the so-called collusion investigation.

While the report is classified as Top Secret, I believe the select committee should, pursuant to House rules, vote to make the report publicly available as soon as possible. This is a matter of national significance and the American people deserve the truth.
21:10 - 18. Jan. 2018

Meanwhile, Matt Gatetz from Florida has said that not only will the release lead to layoffs at the Department of Justice, but 'people will end up in jail'.

One thing we can already say, this revelation will hurt the Democrats considerably and Obama and his government members will have a lot to explain.

If it really is true what the MPs are saying here with their clear comments, then Obama's FBI has worked with the Clinton election campaign to sabotage a presidential candidate.

In addition, after the election of the president, it continued against Trump and his family.
That could become the biggest political scandal in American history.
The public must necessarily know the truth…

After this reaction of the politicians the demand became loud, 'release the memo', release the memo.
It has remained secret from 19 January 2018 until today, but now it has been posted on the internet for us and especially for the American public and we can read it.
Congress declassified the memo last Monday and Trump gave his approval today on February 2.

What happened here is far worse than the Watergate scandal, where President Nixon gave the order to break into Democratic headquarters in the Watergate building and steal incriminating material.

Unfortunately, I think the unilaterally anti-Trump media and shadow government will play down these criminal practices from Obama's reign or simply sweep it all under the table.

For the uninformed:
The FISA memo was compiled by members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which oversees the 16 US Intelligence Services as well as the secret FISA court hearings.
It is the task of this committee to exercise ultimate control.
So it is perfectly legitimate to expose misconduct and the people involved in this memo to the senators.

In short, it's about:
Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party leadership have commissioned and paid a former British secret agent (Christopher Steele) (USD 160,000) to create a 'dossier' on Donald Trump, with incriminating evidence of a Russia collusion and sexual adventures in Moscow, which has no truth.
Steele is a political opponent of Trump, has invented a novel to help Hillary.

This dossier was handed to fellow party members at the FBI and then submitted to the FISA court for a court order to wiretap all communication about Trump's environment.
It was hoped to obtain evidence of a Russian connection and other debris.
The 90-day renewal request was filed with the court over and over again by the FBI and the Department of Justice, even after Trump was elected President.

The contents of the Steele dossier were never checked for accuracy by the FBI, or, it was known, it was fabricated but still submitted to the FISA court for approval to listen to.
Steele was even an informant for the FBI and was paid for it.

So here we have the case where a party and a candidate have had a fake dossier created to discredit the competitor in the presidential election and thus eliminate.
Members of the FBI and Department of Justice leadership who sided with Hillary Clinton then took this dossier to deceive the FISA court to spy on Trump's team, even after he was elected.
These are all punishable acts!

Among the named persons are in the memo:
FBI Director James Comey, who has signed three FISA applications.
Then Vice Director Andre McCabe, who signed a claim.
Sally Yates, Dana Boente and Rod Rosenstein of the Ministry of Justice each signed one or more.

As mentioned above, the eavesdrop permission ended after 90 days and had to be requested again and again.

Oh yes, Rod Rosenstein, acting deputy head of the US Department of Justice, tried everything to prevent the publication of the memo.
He was nominated 24th as the most influential Jew for 2017 by The Jerusalem Post.

FBI Deputy Director McCabe knew that the FISA interceptions were received through a fake dossier.

Let me tell you in more heartfelt words what has become visible here:
Obama and his government, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party leadership, their friends at the FBI and the Ministry of Justice, with the help of the fake news media, have joined forces conspiratorially to thwart the election of Donald Trump using the secret FISA code.
Courts deceived so that they could spy on American citizens.
The FISA Special Act, created to fight international terrorism, was abused by Obama regime to fight a political opponent, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
The enemies of America could not have done better to compromise the hitherto honorable American institutions, like this band of power-hungry anti-Democrats.

Imagine such a criminal as Hillary would have become President and used the judicial and police apparatus against her opponents!

Let's see if Obama, Hillary, the Democratic Party leadership and the head of the FBI and the Ministry of Justice are being charged.

I mean, the Democrats are more or less done as a party.
Financially, they are already bankrupt anyway, because the donations to the party have collapsed completely and the party has debts.

The Mueller investigation against Trump is done for me, because it is based on the Steele dossier.
Oh yes, Robert Mueller was FBI director during 9/11.
He was deployed 7 days prior 9/11 by Bush.
He prevented the true perpetrators from being located (from a Middle Eastern entity), so he is part of the Deep State.

Here the link to the memo ...

Trump has commented on this in a tweet:
'The top Leadership and Investigators of the FBI and the Justice Department have politicized the sacred investigative process in favor of Democrats and against Republicans - something which would have been unthinkable just a short time ago. Rank & File are great people!'
12:33 - 2. Feb. 2018
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And what are the main-shit media doing with the publication of the FISA memo and what is in it?

After flying over the media (daily enemy observation) in the US and Europe, I either see this issue in the back of the field as 'to be an also-ran', or they twist and conceal the facts, or trivialize the content, saying there's nothing significant in it, ... continue going, there's nothing to see here!

It's clear why.
Because they stood by Hillary's side from the beginning and wanted her as their President.
90 percent of the media was against Trump and still is.

These are the professional media that allegedly report oh so non-partisan, independent, balanced and comprehensive.
I'm laughing badly, none of them do it!


Who really controls the USA?
In my opinion, there are at least three power groups controlling the US.

One group is the 'shadow government', consisting of the Intelligence Services, which have a great deal of power and can carry out criminal operations without the knowledge of Parliament and without being punished.

Then there is the 'Deep State', which consists of the Military-Industrial Complex (MIK), the financial criminals of Wall Street, the big corporations and their lobbyists who have unlimited money and power to bribe & buy the deputies.

Then there's the Israel lobby and the Zionists, who have the biggest influence on politics in the United States.
This interest group also bribes & buys politicians and controls the media, which then serves not American but only Israeli interests.

These power groups are interconnected, but separate identities that pursue different interests.
In this case, it is the shadow government, and especially the CIA, who is after Trump and wants to finish him off.
The money elite, the Zionists and the MIK not necessarily, because yes, they control him.


I quote here Luke 8:17 (NIV)
17 'For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open'.

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