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Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)


Charts of temperatures at which different materials burn


There are different types of directed energy weapons which include extremely low frequency (ELF), microwave, scalar, voice-to-skull, lasers and more (all these can be found on this site). This page will cover the attack in California and a few other places by way of fire created by directed energy weapons as this relates to Agenda 30 megaregions and the destruction of areas through weaponizing of weather with use of chemtrails and frequencies.

This page includes, but is not limited to, Lockheed Martin bragging about and demonstrating their directed energy weapons, a History Channel documentary on directed energy weapons, people's footage of lasers in California the night the fires started and of the strange and unnatural aftermath of the fires. The videos people took of the laser matched the demonstrations given by Lockheed Martin and other official sources.

The news tried to give the impression that the over 100 fires (in 2017) that occurred all at once were from a forest fire spreading into neighborhoods. Yet, most of the trees didn't burn and there is no burnt path between houses that are next to or across from each other. Notice in the picture on the left how that there was no burnt path between the two buildings and how that though both buildings were surrounded by trees, none of the trees got burnt or even singed. It is plain to see from this picture that a fire didn't go from one building to the other, but that they were both attacked from above or inside. Also, the wind could not have been strong enough to blow an ember the distance of the two buildings as there aren't even any ashes, leaves or broken branches on the ground. More pictures below.

The fires in California, Canada, Portugal, Tennessee and other places were nothing like normal wildfires. About 100 of them (in California in 2017) started at one time in the evening when it was cooler outside (yet the officials still blame it on climate change). Also, in many places, the fires burnt in straight lines and squares. Other anomalies are that the fires jumped from one house to another without touching the lawns in between the houses, burnt cement and metal, but not plastic or wood in some cases and burnt hardly any trees (even pine trees), but burnt structures and cars that were next to those trees. Also, despite the news reports of strong winds, the roads and sidewalks looked pristine as if someone swept them. As can be seen in videos below, the fires came from the sky as there were no burnt paths between the burnt structures. I am not saying that no trees burnt, but not the ones around the houses and buildings that were burnt. Is it possible that not all of the DEW attacks were at the same frequency?

If you take your time to go through all the videos, articles and documents on this page and consider that there have been no media reports of another country attacking us, (especially when they've been itching to drag Russia into a war with us); you will be hard-pressed to deny that it was the U.S. government who was behind it or at least complicit with it.. You'll also see how that the United Nations already planned an Agenda 30 megaregion development zone in Santa Rosa before it was set to fire and that the areas being burnt match where the Agenda 30 megaregions map shows plans to build smart cities and no-people zones in the future. What better way to build a megaregion smart city than to first burn down all of what is already there? You can learn much about Agenda 30 on the Agenda 30 page of this site.

The evidence that the fires were a result of directed energy weapons (DEW) in the form of lasers and microwaves, at least in part, is undeniably strong. There are also theories of smart meters or transformers blowing up being a cause. They might have contributed, but that wouldn't explain cars also being "toasted" with no burnt path between the houses and the cars. It is not at all unfathomable that more than one weapon could have been used to ensure the desired effect. On September 11th, 2001; rescue workers being interviewed said they heard bombs go off when they were inside the twin towers and also Dr. Judy Wood, a former professor of engineering mechanics, gave a presentation filled with strong evidence that directed energy weapons were used on 9/11 as the building and all it's contents dustified in mid-air and cars nearby looked toasted (video of her presentation included on this page). Why could bombs not have also been used in the foundation of the twin towers to work in conjunction with directed energy weapon from above? The very little debris that was left from the twin towers could have been the part that was not dustified by the DEW, but was left from an explosion.

I've heard the argument that trees don't burn as easily because they are green (meaning have moisture in them) so therefore, don't burn as easily as dry wood and you can prove this by trying to burn fresh wood in a stove or a campfire. Well, try putting a chunk of cement block or part of a bathtub or a metal washing machine in a campfire to see how easily they burn as all these items were totally melted down or dustified in these house fires and I suggest that fresh wood would at least be singed. Also, this argument of trees being green hardly applies to pine tree needles and furthermore, because of the prolonged induced drought, (which is being blamed on climate change); most of the trees were dry. But, if we were to blame the quick spreading of the fires on everything being dry (as the news tries to imply), the grass and trees in between all the burnt structures would not have still been green, it would have at least been singed. Dry grass was not even a factor in these fires spreading despite the news repeatedly saying "hot and dry conditions". Something that may have caused the fires to burn more hot and spread so quickly is all the incendiary aluminum oxide that has been and continues to be sprayed over us by jets.

The news and other "official" sources keep touting that the fires are due to high heat and dryness due to climate change and high winds. The implication is that the earth got so hot that trees and grass caught on fire or that it is so dry that the fires spread across the grass and brush from one house to another even though the grass and brush between the burnt houses were still green and not even singed. As far as the earth being too warm, it would have to be at least 172 degrees C. (341.6 F.) as that is the temperature at which hay (which is dryer than grass) burns and between 190 - 260 degrees Celsius (374 to 500 degrees F) for wood depending on the type and condition of it. Furthermore, warmer weather should bring more rain as more water gets drawn from the ocean creating rain clouds. As for the dryness, you can find many videos from neverlosetruth, Dutchsinse, Weatherwars on Youtube showing how aerosols and frequencies were used in conjunction to keep rain off the coast of California. Also, in this document Contracts for Weather Control, you'll see on the bottom of page 13 how that HAARP disperses storms and can create winds up to 70 mph. You can also find photographic examples of cloud drying/moisture absorbent aerosols on this new, but yet unfinished page: Stopping Rain.

The news keeps pushing the narrative that the fires are due to climate change because there is an agenda behind it. The agenda is to convince people that global warming is real. Most, if not all, of the climate change is due to the climate changers and that is the using of metallic aerosols, elf (extra low frequency) HAARP and microwaves to induce drought. What the propagandists (i.e., the news reporters) won't tell us is that there have been warmer periods in the past and that climate has always changed. But now in this backwards world, good is bad, ignorance is strength, and climate change which is normal is now called abnormal. Here is a paper from Stanford University telling of how everything thrived during a warmer period--a period that was warmer than it is now:

Burning neighborhoods down is not the only method of getting people off their land. There is also hurricane directing and intensifying, releasing of dams, inducing earthquakes with HAARP, creation of hard to meet zoning laws, making the cost of living unaffordable, eminent domain, moving jobs out of rural areas and other tactics.

After a disaster is created and homes have been destroyed, FEMA buys some of the land for pennies on the dollar and then decides to turn that land into "green zones" which is a euphemism for no people zones. This makes it extremely apparent that FEMA is either working with the United Nations along with COG (Council of Governments) which are influenced by the United Nations or taking advantage of a crisis by using their money to buy land on the cheap instead of putting it toward helping the victims. COGs are unelected boards that work locally throughout the country to implement Agenda 21/30 plans and standards in the form of codes. You can find out more about Agenda 30 on the Agenda 21/30 page of this site and about FEMA on the FEMA page of this site. California is not the only place to be attacked as you'll see in videos below. The mega regions map for the U.S. is also on this page.

I've also heard the theory that the Chinese now own California and want the people out of there. This is possible in regards to California, but this doesn't explain the other countries and states having massive fires. Also the no-people zones on the Agenda 21 Biodiversity map match the path of the fire danger zones (shown further down on this page).



Most of the pictures below are screen captures of videos on this page. Title of video that each picture comes from is under each picture.


This one was from the Portugal "wildfire" which toasted the cars, but did not burn the very thin trees. 
This is from the video "Portugal Madeira Wildfire DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON"



This one in California in 2017. No fire path led to the building. It's as if the building was attacked from above. 
This is a screen capture from the video, "California Wildfires: More than Meets the Eye"




Burnt in a straight line

From the video, "IT'S OUR OWN PEOPLE......" The burnt line is so straight, it looks like a laser went across it.



This one in California 2017. Notice again how not only is the street clean (showing no signs of it having been windy), 
but there is also no charring of the street that lies between the pulverized houses on either side. 
Also the trees on the street between the houses are still green. I just rewatched all the videos and cannot find which 
one this picture comes from. If anyone does, please contact me to let me know which one.



Cars burning

Notice there's no entry points for any of these fires. This picture is from The Crazz Files where you can go to find more.



So sad to see. Looks like something zapped the rabbit causing it to freeze in mid hop. 
This one came from a video entitled, "Proof California Fires Caused by High Tech Weapons!"




How can anyone say this was a forest or wild fire when none of the forest burnt? . This is Paradise, CA before and after. Look how cleanly cut the fire was around the parameter of the town. No trees looking burnt or singed. You naysayers may say it's because the trees are green, but then stop calling them wild fires or forest fires. You can't have it both ways. Nor does it make sense to say the fires started so easily because vegetation is dry. Either the vegetation was dry or it was wet. Please make up your minds or at least think before you speak. Wood burns at 374 to 500 degrees F and ceramics from 1,800 F to 3,000 F. Ceramic tubs and sinks whose burning point is six times higher than that of wood totally turned to dust.

I wonder how many are only repeating what they heard from someone they idolize instead of using critical thinking and common sense. It is foolish to idolize anyone to the point of abandoning your own common sense. And, just because someone calls Directed Energy Weapons an "internet meme" it doesn't mean it has no validity. What would be a better alternative source for information? The mainstream government propaganda media who also minimize anything that is on the internet? I do not trust anyone who copies the tactics of the msm.


More at:


To think of all the pain and suffering that people and animals endured is too painful to contemplate. Please, we all need to get together to fight against this attack on humanity and all life on earth.

Let's demand our leaders break ties with the United Nations, rally around the building of the high speed rail system to try to stop the building of it, demand our current politicians resign, wake up others to the weather modification and Agenda 21 - to the fact that rain is withheld and the earth produces water underground as a natrual process. We need more people. We need more love. We need more truth and kindness.

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