Reisen bildet - Gedicht von Edmund Ruhenstroth
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Viele Deutsche, Oestreicher und Schweizer sind gerade dabei,
ihrer Sprache Sterbehilfe zu leisten.

Reisen bildet
Gedicht von Edmund Ruhenstroth

Reisen bildet, sagen heute
nicht nur weitgereiste Leute,
das sagt auch mein Nachbar Krause,
Bildung kriegt man nicht zu Hause.

Also machtí ich zum Beweise
der Behauptung eine Reise,
dazu schien mir angemessen
eine Fahrt, per Bahn, nach Essen.

Dort, schon in der Bahnhofshalle
merkte ich, in meinem Falle,
dass am Ziel, das ich erwšhlte,
mir noch viel an Bildung fehlte.

Woher sollte ich denn wissen,
dass die Leute, die mal mŁssen,
so wie ich, in dem Bestreben
sich jetzt zu McClean begeben?

Irgendwo stand auch geschrieben,
treffen sie doch ihre Lieben,
oder ihren besten Freund,
hier bei uns am Meeting-Point.

Verreisen sie, egal wie weit,
bequem und schnell mit Euro-Night,
mit City-Ticket, railway-like,
und nimm ein Fahrrad Ė Call a bike.

Froh, dass mir hier nichts passiert,
weil ich vieles nicht kapiert,
lenkt' ich bildungsfroh die Schritte
in die City, zur Stadtmitte.

Und ich stand nach einer Weile
mitten auf der Shopping-Meile,
wo auf jeder StraŖenseite
Laden sich an Laden reihte.

Bunt bemalt war ausgeschildert,
teils mit Text und teils bebildert
wies man mich zum Shop fŁr Flower,
nebenan gab's Wellness-Power.

Etwas weiter softes Peeling
und ein Laden namens Feeling;
cooles Outfit kann nicht schaden,
schrieb ein only-women-Laden.

Fashion week fŁr Twens und Teens,
second-hand-shop mit Blue Jeans,
Piercing fŁr die KŲrperblŲŖen,
bei Big Bock gibtís ‹bergrŲŖen.

Zum Stressabbau lud freundlichst ein
dass Fitness-Center Body-Line,
ein ReisebŁro Sun and Fun
bot miles and more und AlRail an.

Als mich jemand Oldie nannte,
einer, den ich gar nicht kannte,
und ich sei wohl overdresst,
gab mir das den letzten Rest.

Doch weil sich mein Magen rŁhrte
und ich Appetit verspŁrte,
fand ich noch zu diesem Zwecke
einen Fastfood an der Ecke.

Und bestellte Chicken-wings,
trank dazu zwei Power-Drinks
und nach dieser Mega-Jause
zahlt' ich cash Ė und fuhr nach Hause.

Wenn ich auch als alter Knabe
vieles nicht verstanden habe,
hab ich doch, ich muss gesteh'n,
die groŖe weite Welt geseh'n.

Der Gedanke scheint vermessen,
denn ich war doch nur in Essen,
doch wie sagt mein Nachbar Krause:
Bildung krieg'ste nicht zu Hause.

Leider kommt in deutschen Landen
uns die Sprachkultur abhanden
und der Umgang ist banal.
sprecht doch Deutsch Ė
verdammt noch mal!

Terrorists are preparing a new poison gas attack
Tags: Syria FSA ISIS US Britain France Daesh Russia Konashenkov Deir ez-Zor Poison Gas False Flag Parsifal

Terrorists are preparing a new poison gas attack

Russian Ministry of Defence spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said Monday that terrorists of the so-called Free Syrian Army, backed by the US, had already brought chlorine canisters to a settlement in Deir ez-Zor, tp carry out another fake chemical Attack against civilians, which will be blamed on the Assad government.
Parsifal, June 11, 2018

The following photos show the inside of a chemical weapons workshop of the terrorists, which was discovered in the east of Ghouta near the capital Damascus by soldiers of the Syrian Army during the liberation:

'According to information received via three independent channels in Syria, the command of the so-called Free Syrian Army, assisted by US Special Forces soldiers in Deir ez-Zor Province, is preparing a serious provocation with toxic substances',

Konashekov said.

The ministry noted that a video on the social media about the alleged use of chemical substances in the past has been reason for attacks by the US coalition on institutions of the Syrian Government and now could be again.

'Such a new video, after it is widely circulated in the Western media, could be a new excuse for the US-led coalition to launch a missile attack on Syrian Military installations and justify the terrorists 'offensive against Syrian Government Troops on the east bank of the Euphrates',

added Konaschenkow.

The Russian Ministry of Defense warned that conducting such provocations would destabilize the situation in Syria and would be unacceptable.

As a reminder, in April, the United States, Britain and France launched airstrikes against Syria and accused Damascus of a chemical attack in the city of Douma, although it turned out there was no use of chemical weapons and it was all invented with a video.

The Syrian and Russian governments have accused United States and United Kingdom-funded White Helmets of having carried out a false-flag chemical attack in the city to provoke Western military intervention.

Now they want to do it again.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has also informed that only in the areas of Syria under American control, ISIS terrorists do operate.
In the areas liberated by the Syrian Army, no longer and the situation is slowly returning to normal for the population.

'All remaining resistance nests of IS terrorists in Syria are only in areas controlled by the US',

said Major General Igor Konashenkov on Saturday.

Washington has provided weapons worth hundreds of millions to the 'fictional' Syrian opposition, while most of it has come into the hands of al-Qaeda's al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State.
This shows that the goals of the terrorist groups in Syria are in line with Washington's policy, Konaschenkov said.

The US, which portrays itself always 'so humanitarian', has so far not lent a penny from the US budget to rebuild Syria to facilitate the recovery of the former conflict areas now controlled by the Syrian Government.

'In the Syrian provinces controlled by the legitimate authorities of the [Syrian-Arab] Republic, peaceful life is now being actively restored.
Settlements are cleared of mines, companies, markets, schools and kindergardens are working again.
Humanitarian aid and food arrives there, of which there is not even any packaging that is paid out of the United States budget',

said Konashekov.

It is really blatant how wrong and misguided the Western media and politicians are about the situation in Syria and what it really looks like for the people there.
Who are the culprits who destroyed Syria and who helped and is helping.

Question: Why is there no Return Program for the refugees who are in Germany and generally in Europe ?
It looks like the EU and the German government have no interest in getting the Syrians back to their Homeland !

related (February 01, 2017)
Syrian Refugees to Return Home

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How Does Plastic Pollution Affect Marine Life and How Can We Reduce It?
Tags: Plastic Pollution Earth Changes Oceans Solutions

How Does Plastic Pollution Affect Marine Life and How Can We Reduce It?

When you gaze out onto the ocean, your mind probably thinks of the glorious marine life, the vast depths, and wonder of coral reefs and dolphins. Something you might not think of though is the huge amounts of plastic pollution floating, sinking, and decomposing in the ocean.

Itís a hard concept to grasp. Even though you might not see heaps upon heaps of plastic pollution in the ocean, itís there, and itís dramatically altering the lives of the marine animals that call the sea home.

If youíre unaware of plastic pollution -- both what it is, exactly, and the amounts that are piling up in our oceans -- youíve come to the right place. Weíre going to explain the origin of plastic pollution, how it piles up in our oceans, and the steps you can take to reduce it.

The problem is getting worse and worse every day. Itís only with calculated steps, strategic planning, of the dispersion of knowledge that we can help to fight plastic pollution in our vast waters.

Exactly How Much Trash Is In The Ocean?

ocean pollution

Consider how much the world population is growing every day. Now consider the constantly increasing amount of trash the population is producing. We live lifestyles that are on-the-go, touch-of-a-button, and too-fast-paced, which naturally -- but unfortunately -- leads to an increasing amount of the plastic pollution thatís growing around us. After all, plastic, from water bottles to plastic bags, makes it much easier to grab things and go

Some experts believe upwards of 300 million tons of plastic are consumed each year.

Even more unfortunate than the sheer volume of plastic produced, much of that plastic makes its way into our oceans, dramatically affecting the plants and animals that call our seas home.

As Markus Eriksen told National Geographic:

This is relatively new if you think about plastic. Only since the 1950s [have] consumers [used] plastics. Now, a half-century later, we are seeing an abundant accumulation of microplastics from all single-use, throwaway plastics like bags, bottles, bottle caps, kitchen utensils. I have pulled cigarette lighters from hundreds of bird skeletons.

In fact, there are huge areas within the ocean where plastic has gathered and begun to negatively impact the natural environment of the ocean, creating significant issues for wildlife, plants, and even the human population.

When it comes to determining how much trash is in the ocean, itís hard to calculate, although itís fairly standard and widely accepted that there are millions of tons of debris floating around in our waters -- most of that being plastic.

Sometimes, the negative effects are obvious. For people who live near or on coast lines, itís not uncommon to see bottles, cans, lids, straws, and bags floating up onto the shore every single day.

As unsettling as that is in itself, the problem goes much deeper. Thereís an overwhelming amount of plastic pollution occuring out at sea, as evident with the Garbage Patch in the Pacific Ocean. Whatís worse? Sometimes, you canít even see the pollution thatís made its home in our water, as microscopic plastic pollution is not visible to the naked eye.

How Plastic Gets Into The Ocean

Plastics in the ocean

Itís hard to imagine life without plastic products. Thereís plastic in your throw-away straws, plastic bottles, plastic keyboards, plastic picture frames. Everywhere you look, plastic is rearing its ugly head. Itís an inescapable epidemic, and it continues to surround us every day.

So, itís no wonder that our plastic pollution is getting into the ocean. Tash can be carried to the ocean in rivers, or when itís swept away from the beach. It can also be dumped from offshore platforms, despite the fact that this has been banned since 1988. But thatís not all. Microplastics can enter the ocean when litter and trash are blown in by the wind, even if itís in a landfill or properly disposed of.

Additionally, micro-plastics, made up of synthetic fibers and beads that are found in personal hygiene products have been known to harm marine life if they consume them In fact, too many microplastics can accumulate toxic chemicals in a personís or animal's bloodstream.

What Steps Can We Take?

How to reduce plastics in the ocean

Itís frightening, isnít it? If no measures are taken, we can anticipate that the Great Garbage Patch of the Pacific will grow larger, that the marine life population in our oceans will dwindle, and that weíll continue to kill off and strangle the plants and wildlife that populate our oceans.

Unless, that is, we take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening.

So, how can we reduce the plastic pollution in our oceans? What can we each do, on a daily basis, to stop this issue from continuing? Surprisingly enough, small, dedicated efforts are often enough to make an enormous difference for the health of the ocean and its inhabitants.

For example, one of the best -- and easiest methods -- is to stop buying plastic water bottles. Although theyíre certainly convenient, close to 20 billion plastic bottles are tossed in the trash every single year, and a good percentage of those bottles end up in the ocean. Opt out for a reusable bottle to carry with you and never be subject to the plastic bottle risks again.

Another great method for ridding the ocean of plastics is to wean yourself off disposable plastics. This one, unfortunately, is a bit more difficult. We live in a grab-and-go, fast-paced world, and weaning yourself away from plastics will take time, patience, and thoughtfulness. But it can start simply.

For example, stop using plastic grocery bags at the store and bring in your own reusable bags. Forget disposable cutlery, plastic straws, and coffee cup lids. Say goodbye to plastic wrap, too. All of these small efforts will make a huge difference for the ocean.

But what about microplastics? For this, we suggest ridding yourself of your microbeads. Microbeads are the tiny, plastic scrubbers that are in beauty products like face wash and toothpaste. They seem harmless, and of course they help keep you clean, but theyíre so tiny that theyíre able to slip through water treatment plants, out to the oceans, and be ingested by animals and muck up our oceans. Donít want to give up your exfoliation? Try products with natural exfoliants like sand or oatmeal -- you can probably make them on your own!

Of course, there are other steps you can take, too, like recycling, buying secondhand items to reduce the need for new plastics, and encouraging manufacturers in your area -- and beyond -- to consider how theyíre using and disposing of their plastic materials.

Plastic Pollution, Marine Life, and You

Plastic Pollution

The worldís population is only going to continue to increase, which means that our consumption, use, and disposing of plastic products will follow suit -- unless we make a change. Currently, there are millions of tons of garbage -- mostly plastic -- filling the oceans.

This garbage is accumulating in giant patches, clogging up our oceans, and harming the plants and animals that inhabit the seas. Itís also possible that our garbage issue in our oceans will get so bad, itíll begin to affect the human race, too.

Plastic is a useful material, thereís no way to argue itís not, but itís a dangerous component made of toxic chemicals that are known to cause illness and pose dangers to the animals that accidentally ingest it.

Plastic, though durable, is not biodegradable, and it causes great harm to our environment in the form of air, water, and land pollution.

There are ways to combat this, though. Slow down, take a breath, and consider the ways you can fight plastic pollution in the ocean. Take time combing your local beach to pick up litter that may have made its home in the sand, get involved with an organization thatís dedicated to fighting the battles of water pollution, and make tiny changes in your daily routine (like cutting out plastic completely) in order to be the difference the oceans need.


This Article was provided by Anna Kurcirkova via e-mail on June 13 2018 where she asked me to repost it here at the BOLE. I personally find that it is such an important topic and need to be shared as far and wide as possible.

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