Mooji Birthday Video from Worldwide Sangha
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Published on 29 Jan 2019


Please enjoy this beautiful video which the team compiled out of videos and photographs sent from the worldwide Sangha in honour of Mooji's birthday.

Happy birthday beloved Moojibaba, you are our joy, you are our joy!

With full love,

Mooji team


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Published on 23 Jan 2019

I wrote this from a place of authenticity. I am more proud of it than any other work I've done. In this video I support freedom of speech. I encourage creativity and imagination. I discuss how to break the chains of the control system in the comfort of your own home. This will give you hope at the turn of the tide even though all seems lost.

Please support me here: https://geoffbyrd.com/donate Services I offer: https://geoffbyrd.com/services My music: https://geoffbyrd.com/

No mirroring or re-uploading, however feel free to share or embed.

Thank you


Tribute to Creation // LAST MESSAGES 2019
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Published on 9 Jan 2019

As I usually do a couple times a year, here is a video giving tribute to the splendor of nature - its collective consciousness.

This video puts the focus on birds which, unlike men , have not lost their direct connection to the Creator.



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