Call for 144,000 prayers for our world ~ Together we can make a difference
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Dear Friends of Light,

There are many energy shifts on the planet. Even though you may not have not been directly affected, we are all connected by the threads of light that make up everything, everywhere.

As an awakened being, you know the importance of your thoughts, words and actions. You also know that focusing on negative elements around you only fuels them.

Throughout the world tornados, earthquakes, tsunamis, political unrest, economic instability and a tug of war between light and shadow is shaping our new tomorrow. Together we can help shift the balance of power to reflect a world that is fostered by the seeds of freedom that we uphold.

Please commit to three minutes of focused prayer each day.See below.


Shower the World with Love and Optimistic Focus

For three minutes each day, while the cleansing water of your shower sets the stage for a sweet fresh day, hold the vision of our world in harmony.


• Imagine Gaia drinking in the rays of the sun, lighting the darkness and transforming all unbalanced energies.

• Pray for the sick, the hungry, the aged and dying and the lonely and forgotten beings that are searching for love.

• Envision angelic interventions where there is struggle, pain and hardship.

• See every child honored and uplifted, every dream fulfilled, every call for love answered and the ideal outcome for every experience.

• Pray for swift resolution for all unrest and hold the vision of the ideal outcome for the transitioning elements of humanity's journey to greater sovereignty.

For three dedicated minutes each day, only hold the vision of the harmonious world that you are here to co-create and when you are complete, radiate the image of that reality throughout your day.

Please include special prayers for issues around Australia's flooding, New Zealand's earthquakes, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the potential nuclear disasters from their power plants.

Hold a special intention for peace and tolerance in the Middle East and throughout the world.

With heartfelt thanks,

Jill Marie

Please keep this e-mail going.

Let's turn the morning shower into a global prayer for world peace

Weekly Saturday Prayer Request
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Hi everyone, again I would like to invite those who will to join me and others on Saturday at 12:30pm “YOUR TIME ZONE” for prayers, incantations, meditation and petitions etc., for world love and world peace.


Great Spirit, please hear our humble prayer.  We thank you because we are safe and we pray for those who have been hurt by tornadoes and others at the mercy of natural and man made disasters.  Please take the souls of the dead to your heart and comfort the living who mourn their loss.  Help the victims to find shelter and start their lives over again and please have mercy on everyone as we enter the peak month for tornadoes in May.

❤ ~ weather prayers ~ ❤
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Blessings Be to All these Families ~ Brother & Sisters ~
let us hold space in our Hearts for the hundreds that have transitioned and the thousands that are being affected by the inclimate weather patterns in the Midwest USA ~ the devastating tornadoes, the flooding ... the violent storms ~
WE share and send Prayers of calm and compassion to these places ~ Alabama / Iowa / Missouri / Kentucky / Virginia / Mississippi / Georgia / Texas / Arkansas / Tennessee / Oklahoma / any state not mentioned ~ our Prayers are with You!
Our Hearts


Tornadoes carve path of death, destruction across South, with at least 250 dead


A scar of destruction and death runs across the Deep South after the nation’s worst tornado outbreak in 37 years killed at least 250 people in six states from Mississippi to Virginia.

Hundreds of thousands of people are without power, as is a nuclear power plant that operators said was shut down safely.


There were 164 tornadoes reported by the National Weather Service on April 27.

There were 164 tornadoes reported by the National Weather Service on April 27.

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In Virginia, four people died — three in the small town of Glade Spring — in Washington and Halifax counties, when twisters roared through overnight, officials said.

A truck stop on Interstate 81 and a new factory were destroyed, according to Christy Parker, assistant administrator in Washington County, in southwestern Virginia.

Tractor trailers “were flipped and thrown about the interstate like toys,” she said Thursday.

“The outbreak is the biggest in terms of tornadoes and in terms of impact since ’74 and it’s possible that its actually bigger than ’74,” said Harold Brooks, research meteorologist at the National Severe Storms Laboratory in Norman, Okla.

The April 3, 1974, outbreak sparked twisters across the eastern United States, claiming 310 lives, Brooks said. Wednesday’s outbreak may be most similar to the tornado outbreak of March 21, 1932, when 332 people were killed, including 268 in Alabama, he said. Nothing, however, comes close to the destruction of March 18, 1925, when 747 people died, most of them along the path of a single twister, after the so-called Tri-State Tornado tore up Missouri, Indiana and Illinois.

Brooks said the conditions have been ripe in recent weeks for just such a catastrophe. Cold air aloft blows in from the Rocky Mountains, meeting the low-level, warm, moist air moving northward from the Gulf of Mexico. If the cold fronts are strong enough they’ll suppress tornado formation. But if they’re a bit weaker than that, the lethal combination results: Air at ground level is moving in a different direction from the air higher up, and the rotational energy spawns twisters.

Alabama is suffering most in the aftermath of Wednesday’s twisters. The city of Tuscaloosa took a direct hit. The city is home to the flagship of the state’s university system, the University of Alabama, which has canceled or postponed final exams scheduled for next week.

“This place looks like a war zone,” Jackie Wuska Hurt, director of development for the University of Alabama honors college, said in an e-mail. “Folks looked like refugees walking single file with suitcases or grocery carts of their belongings down the sidewalks of University Blvd.”

“It’s almost total disbelief,” said Phyllis Little, director of emergency management for Cullman County, Ala., a largely rural area of 82,000 peppered with small towns. “The county court house lost its roof. The Baptist church has a skeleton for a steeple. Old buildings that have been there for hundreds of years have just collapsed.”

The entire county is without power, and the emergency responders are operating on natural gas generators. Little has been turning away volunteers who have begun calling her office, offering to come to Cullman to help. She is turning them away.


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