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Neuropsychology has taken on a variety of meanings over the years, but for the most part deals with the neuronal transmissions between synaptic gaps that may have been interrupted through head trauma, surgery, injury to the head/brain, brain itself, disease and/or other conditions that affect the core neurotransmissions within the human brain.  An 8 pound organ that has more neurons than one can count, yet manages to account for over 87% of the human bodily functions that we, as humans, have limitations of controlling either cognitively or through medicinal manipulation (pharmaceutical influences).  My role as a former clinician and VA counselor is to conduct assessments, determine cognitive missteps, ascertain traumas relevant to emotional well being and conflict resolution.  Part of the assessment process has to do with a thorough intake analysis of the individual in that s/he's life experiences and especially those experienced in the battlefield, can dictate the flight-or-fright responses, the perpetual diligence and on-going scrutiny of the world around one's self, the kind of never-ending reliance of self awareness that can be all consuming and often times frightening to young soldiers in a first-time combat enriched battlefield.  Part of my job is to be that "safe place" with which an individual can express themselves, share their concerns, fears, apprehensions, how does this relate to day-to-day activities, how it affects relationships with family, friends, colleagues, coworkers, other ranking enlisted personnel, and their private lives.  We see the edge of what a person experiences in life, but never truly know what lies underneath and inside one's mind.  Tapping into that arena takes a skilled, experienced, educationally trained, and astute professional to ferret out the malingering versus the actual issue(s) that plague an individual whether civilian or military.  There is a metaphysical component to all this as well which deals with ethereal issues, aural response mechanisms, tantric and tantral neuronal receptors, cognition therapies, seratonin and epinephrine therapies, catecholamine receptor site transmissions, gateway portal therapies, some Gestalt therapies, cognitive regressional analysis, and other modalities, i.e., EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing/Reprogramming).    Any further questions and or concerns contact me...  RICKY L. JOHANSEN, JR., Ph.D. (Emeritus - retired) in Lacey, WA

5 Reasons NOT to Eat Genetically Modified Foods Tags: 5 Reasons NOT to Eat Genetically Modified Foods

We are confronted with the most powerful technology the world has ever known, and it is being rapidly deployed with almost no thought whatsoever to its consequences.” — Dr Suzanne Wuerthele, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) toxicologist.

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Most Americans are unaware that they eat a steady diet of genetically modified food.  This is mainly because the GMO giants, as if ashamed of their creation, refuse to allow labels on food that contains genetic engineering.

Consumers are also generally distracted by all the other things on food labels that they're supposed to be concerned about. And when they are exposed to information on GMOs, it's usually from a mainstream source featuring "philanthropist" Bill Gates beaming a smile while expounding the "benefits" that GMOs bring to starving people.

They typically don't hear about studies that show crop yields with GMOs are actually lower than with non-GM crops, or that they require far more pesticides than heirloom seeds, or that some are patented "terminator" seeds that don't re-germinate, which ensures an eventual monopoly over food.  Or, perhaps one of the worst findings, that hamsters in one study became completely infertile, among other disturbing effects, after only 3 generations of eating GM soy.

“Let’s be clear. As of this year [2008], there are no commercialized GM crops that inherently increase yield. Similarly, there are no GM crops on the market that were engineered to resist drought, reduce fertilizer pollution or save soil. Not one.” – former US EPA and US FDA biotech specialist Dr. Doug Gurian-Sherman.

Clearly these results would most benefit a sinister agenda of food control and population reduction through proven effects on health and sterility.  But they're not the only reasons consumers should be concerned about eating genetically modified food. Supporting GMOs in any capacity, not least through ignorance, has countless negative consequences.

Here are five reasons not to eat genetically modified food:

1. GMOs destroy the environment: The repeated use of land for single-crop agriculture (monoculture), whether GMO or not, has resulted in dead soil that requires heavy doses of chemical fertilizer and pesticides to be productive. Significantly, GMOs were primarily designed to be resistant to powerful pesticides to encourage their use. These deadly pesticides are applied in heavier doses than traditional crops need and then leach into waterways, polluting everything in their path.  It is widely accepted that this phenomenon is largely responsible for the Gulf Dead Zone that now spans the size of New Jersey.  Furthermore, the backbone of industrial agriculture, now led by GM crops, is fossil fuels. From plowing, fertilizing, planting, applying pesticides, harvesting, to delivery for consumption; our food system is dangerously dependent on oil.  In short, any food innovation that destroys the environment clearly will not be beneficial to humanity.

2. GMOs are unhealthy: GM foods have undergone little long-term safety testing for humans, but several animal tests have shown negative health effects. Recently, a major study verified that the substance used in most major pesticides including best-selling Roundup, glyphosate, causes birth defects. And in 2007, another independent study proved that Roundup induced sterility in male lab rats.  Could this be the reason for the massive decline in fertility seen in human males? A 2009 study found that glyphosate caused "total cell death in human umbilical, embryonic and placental cells within 24 hours." As mentioned above, the 2010 study on hamsters eating GM soy, as reported by Jeffrey Smith:

After feeding hamsters for two years over three generations, those on the GM diet, and especially the group on the maximum GM soy diet, showed devastating results. By the third generation, most GM soy-fed hamsters lost the ability to have babies. They also suffered slower growth, and a high mortality rate among the

It should also be noted that nearly all studies pertaining to eating GMOs resulted in some form of bacterial gut rot and new allergies in the test animals.  So, we still don't have conclusive studies that genetically mutated foods are bad for our health, but where there's smoke, there's fire.  Don't get burned.

3. Unnatural genetic contamination: Releasing any foreign genetic mutation into the wild can have unpredictable consequences. It has been compared to the disastrous results of releasing a new animal species that isn't native to a territory -- except GMOs are not native to any territory. GMOs aggressively cross-contaminate neighboring organic plants, causing incalculable damage. An unapproved GM rice that was grown for only one year in field trials was found to have caused extensive contamination of the US rice supply. A Spanish study found that GM maize “has caused a drastic reduction in organic cultivations of this grain and is making their coexistence practically impossible”.  Worse still, the GM Giants know this happens and actually sue farmers for patent infringement when their organic plants become genetically mutated.  Can it get more evil?  Sadly, yes it can...

4. GMO cartel has a near monopoly over food: It is estimated that over 90% of soy fields in America are planted with Monsanto GMOs, as reported by BestMeal; "In 1996, when Monsanto began selling Roundup Ready soybeans, only 2% of soybeans in the US contained their patented gene. By 2008, over 90% of soybeans in the US contained Monsanto's GMO gene."  In another powerhouse soy producer, Argentina is reportedly planted with 98% GMO soy, and more than half of all global soy belongs to Monsanto. And GM corn is quickly nearing monopolistic numbers as well.

USDA Chart

Incidentally, Big Ag giants had much help from the American taxpayer in creating their monopoly through farm and corn ethanol subsidies, which unfairly undercuts competition from heirloom farmers abroad. Furthermore, the U.S. government has been directly funding the research and development of these products, yet the monopoly fiercely protects its private patents.  The very notion of patenting food would seemingly allow for a complete ownership of food, and life itself.  The growing monopolistic nature of food is perhaps more frightening than the possible health effects. Break the monopoly by supporting local food producers.

5. Destroys farmers: Besides the cross-contamination that destroys organic farmers, the actual GMO farmers are not much better off.  In fact, it may be more appropriate to refer to them as share croppers for GMO masters. They are at the mercy each year to Big GMO for seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, and in many cases, financing. Watch The World According to Monsanto below for an all-encompassing perspective of how GMOs have affected farmers:

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Shared with me via e-mail by our sister DarLa~

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