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We went on location in  Birmingham City Centre, UK and looked at the rife Mind Control Advertisements that are everywhere, appealing to the subconcious mind of anyone that passes them…

Adverts in themselves aren’t necessarily a bad thing, it is the bigger picture behind them in this case that we are highlighting. As we walk around the city we have advert after advert that appeals sometimes to the conscious mind but mostly to the subconcious mind of a person, that then may have a subtle affect on the way people act or perceive themselves. They see an advert of the latest iphone saying “if you haven’t got an iphone, you haven’t got an iphone” or an advert of a beautiful woman or man with the ‘perfect’ figure and clothes etc. This is designed to make us go out and spend our well earned money on things that we probably don’t really need and therefore continue to feed the machine (the system) which makes us feel inadequate for looking or dressing a certain way.

We may go and purchase a gym membership because we feel we need to get the ‘perfect’ figure to fit in with what society dictates for example. It is multi-pronged and also designed to keep the masses feeling like they are not good enough and instead of searching for spiritual harmony within, many will seek materialistic harmony without, distracting us from who and what we really are.

The system is desperate to prevent us from ever waking up because it knows it is in trouble if we do, it would no longer be able to feed off us or our energy and we would no longer be locked into a reality that in most cases, doesn’t serve.

Shopping and adverts etc in themselves aren’t necessarily bad things (they can be used for good or bad), it is the deeper reason behind it. Basically these things have an affect on our minds and sometimes cause us to act or perceive ourselves in a certain way and we won’t always realise it. It’s time to free our minds…


Best Wishes always.

Michael & Sarah Feeley

Michael & Sarah Feeley

NaturalNews Insider Alert: July 31 2011 Tags: Natural News

Dear NaturalNews readers,

Just posted: The interview with the guerilla gardener Julie Bass from Oak Park, Michigan.

Thanks to your help, she was victorious against the local tyrants who tried to throw her in jail for planting a garden in her own yard.

Here's the announcement of her victory:

Here are the highlights of the audio interview:

Finally, here's a direct link to the audio file itself (also downloadable as MP3)

Here's my latest editorial on the insanity of the debt ceiling fiasco in Washington:

... and the bankruptcy isn't just at the national level, either: a county in Alabama is about to go belly up in the nation's largest local financial blowout ever!

Check it out: Vitamin D works so well to halt kidney disease that Big Pharma is now turning it into a drug...


Today's Feature Stories:


Health Ranger interviews Julie Bass - all charges dropped against Michigan gardener
(NaturalNews) Thanks to the help of NaturalNews readers and the alternative media, Julie Bass has achieved victory against the Oak Park, Michigan city planner's office that threatened to throw her in jail for 93 days for the "crime" of growing cucumbers...
Big Pharma looks to capitalize on success of vitamin D by turning it into a 'drug' for kidney disease
(NaturalNews) With an incredible success rate for vitamin D in treating a myriad of health conditions, it is no wonder that some drug companies are looking for new ways to capitalize on this natural, inexpensive nutrient. Biopharmaceutical giant Rockwell...

Another one bites the dust: Alabama's most highly populated county hires bankruptcy lawyers in advance of financial meltdown
(NaturalNews) In what is shaping up to become the nation's largest-ever municipal insolvency, Jefferson County, Ala., officials recently hired a major law firm to tackle the county's approaching Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing. A federally-mandated sewer...

Study: Alzheimer's drugs appear to cause severe brain swelling
(NaturalNews) A trial involving a new Alzheimer's drug currently being developed by drug giant Bristol-Myers Squibb has revealed that the drug may be the cause of a severe form of brain swelling known as vasogenic edema. And the industry...

Artemisinin: A Cancer Smart Bomb
(NaturalNews) There is an epidemic of cancer in the world, and this epidemic is not under control. With the signing of the National Cancer Act of 1971 by then US President Richard Nixon, the war against cancer was officially declared. Some 40 years later...

Heal leaky gut syndrome by restoring stomach acid levels
Leaky gut syndrome is a condition in which the lining of the gut is damaged to the point that nutrients cannot be assimilated and toxins are allowed to pass through the gut wall. There are many theories about what causes leaky gut syndrome...

TSA responds to concerns about naked body scanners by capturing nude images in secret
(NaturalNews) Instead of rightfully scrapping the entire "enhanced" system of airport screenings, which includes the invasive and radioactive naked body scanners, the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced recently that it is uploading...

Daytime naps improve performance
Most of us remember nap times when we were children. Sleep researchers have found that napping is actually one of the best ways to boost athletic performance and learning skills. It is estimated now that over 70% of American society is suffering...

Out of Control Weather
(NaturalNews) Bizarre reports of weather extremes continue to come in from all over the world. As the northern hemisphere bakes in record breaking heat the southern half of our earth is suffering record breaking cold. In South Africa, for instance they...

Use of a big fork may make you eat less
The simple measure of using a big fork may assist dieting efforts by preventing overconsumption in restaurants. When given generous portions of food, restaurant patrons who use plus-sized forks eat significantly less than those who use smaller...

Discover the power of breath
Yoga, deep breathing and meditation continue to make strides in the healthcare industry. More specifically, deep breathing is now widely recognized for its "profound impact on our physiology and our health," says Mladen Golubic, a physician...

All charges dropped against Julie Bass, the Michigan gardener threatened with jail time for growing vegetables in her own yard
(NaturalNews) This is a breaking news update: Michigan gardener Julie Bass has confirmed with NaturalNews that all charges have been dismissed in her case, including the two misdemeanor dog licensing charges the city threatened her with after dropping...

Playing chicken with the nation: The U.S. debt ceiling fiasco and the total abandonment of leadership in Washington
(NaturalNews) For the last few decades, it all seemed so simple for the USA: We'll spend other people's money, and when we run out, we'll just borrow from yet more people. It worked for a while... until all those "other people" (foreign central banks...

Scientists clone genetically-modified dog that 'glows' when given antibiotic
(NaturalNews) Mad science continues with the recent announcement that South Korean scientists at Seoul National University (SNU) have successfully cloned a genetically-engineered (GE) dog that they say glows "fluorescent green" under ultraviolet light...
Japanese government killing its own people in Fukushima Tags: Fukushima and Japan Radiation

On the 19th of July 2011, people in Fukushima had a meeting with government officals from Tokyo to demand that the government evacuate people promptly in Fukushima and provide financial and logistical support for them. Also, they brought urine of children to the meeting and demanded that the government test it.

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