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ODESSA which stands for the German phrase Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen, which in turn translates as Organization of Former Members of the SS, is the name given to an international Nazi network alleged to have been set up towards the end of World War II by a group of SS officers in order to prevent their prosecutions for war crimes. This organization takes its name from Frederick Forsyth’s 1972 best-seller thriller The Odessa File, which fictionalized an SS network named ODESSA (the above cited Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen) that smuggled war criminals to Latin America.

The purpose of such networks was to establish and facilitate secret escape routes, later known as ratlines, out of Germany to South America and the Middle East for hunted members. With alleged ties to Argentina, Egypt, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and the Vatican, they operated out of Buenos Aires and helped such World War II war criminals as Adolf Eichmann, Josef Mengele, Erich Priebke, Aribert Heim, Edward Roschmann, and many other SS members to find refuge in Latin America and the Middle East.

Persons claiming to represent the ODESSA claimed responsibility in a note for the 9 July 1979 car bombing in France aimed at anti-Nazi activists Serge and Beate Klarsfeld.

According to Simon Wiesenthal, the ODESSA was set up in 1946 to aid fugitive Nazis. But other sources, such as many interviews by the ZDF German TV station with former SS men, suggested that the ODESSA was never the single world-wide secret organization that Wiesenthal described, but instead that there were several organizations, both overt and covert (including the CIA, several Latin American governments and an Italy based network of Catholic clerics that helped ex-SS men.

According to a 1998 report issued by the US State Department, the Nazi Croatian treasury was illicitly transferred to the Vatican Bank and other banks after the end of World War II. For its part, the Vatican has repeatedly denied any Franciscan participation in Ustashi crimes or the disappearance of the Croatian Treasury, yet has refused to open its wartime records to substantiate its denial.Vatican Bank and Franciscan Order were accused of financing the ratlines and ODESSA and laundering concentration camp loot. A class action suit, Emil Alperin et al. v. Vatican Bank et al., was filed in the United States district court in San Francisco on November 15, 1999. The plaintiffs are concentration camp survivors of Serb, Jewish, and Ukrainian background and their relatives as well as organizations representing over 300,000 Holocaust victims. John Loftus, co-author of Unholy Trinity, serves as an expert witness in this case.Another suit, Levy v. CIA, filed under the US Freedom of Information Act seeking release of US intelligence agency files regarding the alleged Vatican spymaster, Fr. Krunoslav Draganovic. New records on Draganovic were released as a result of that lawsuit in 2001.
The lawsuit was still pending in a United States Federal Court as of 2007.

Of particular importance in examining the postwar activities of high-ranking Nazis was Paul Manning’s book Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile which detailed Martin Bormann’s rise to power through the Nazi Party and as Hitler’s Chief of Staff. During the war, Manning himself was a correspondent for the fledgling CBS News along with Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite in London, and his reporting and subsequent researches presented Bormann’s cunning and skill in the organization and planning for the flight of Nazi-controlled capital from Europe during the dimming years of the war–notwithstanding the possibility of Bormann’s death in Berlin on May 1, 1945.

According to Manning,eventually, over 10,000 former German military made it to South America along escape routes set up by ODESSA and the Deutsche Hilfsverein . While in Manning itself the continuing existence of the Organization was, according to him, a much larger and more menacing fact. None of this had been convincingly proved as yet.

Argentina’s Nazi files
From December 2002, the Argentine government in Buenos Aires refused calls from the Wiesenthal Center for the release of 58 files dealing with the escape of Nazis to Argentina. In July 2003, two of the files were opened.

Here is more solid proof that F.B.I knew about the Nazi’s escaping to the Argentina.

Click on this link ::




Nazis that were thought to be helped by ODESSA 

Otto Adolf Eichmann(March 19, 1906 – June 1, 1962), often referred to as “the architect of the Holocaust,” was a high-ranking Nazi and SS-Obersturmbannführer (equivalent to Lieutenant Colonel). Due to his organizational talents and ideological reliability, he was charged by Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich with the task of facilitating and managing the logistics of mass deportation of Jews to ghettos and extermination camps in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe. After the war, he traveled to Argentina using a fraudulently obtained laissez-passer issued by the International Red Cross[1][2] and lived there under a false identity. He was captured by Israeli Mossad agents in Argentina and tried in Israeli court on fifteen criminal charges, including crimes against humanity and war crimes. He was convicted and hanged.

Dr. Josef Mengele (March 15, 1911– February 7, 1979) was a German SS officer and a physician in the German Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. He gained notoriety chiefly for being one of the SS physicians who supervised the selection of arriving transports of prisoners, determining who was to be killed and who was to become a forced labourer, and for performing human experiments on camp inmates, amongst whom Mengele was known as the Angel of Death.After the war, he first hid in Austria under an assumed name, then escaped and lived in South America, first in Argentina (until 1959) and finally in Brazil, in the cities of Serra Negra, Moji das Cruzes, and then died in Bertioga, where he drowned in the sea after suffering a stroke. His identity was confirmed by forensic experts from UNICAMP (Campinas University) using DNA testing on his remains.

Erich Priebke (born July 29, 1913 at Hennigsdorf, Brandenburg, Germany) is a former Hauptsturmführer in the Waffen SS. He was convicted of war crimes in Italy for participating in the massacre at the Ardeatine caves in Rome, on March 24, 1944. 335 Italian civilians were killed there in retaliation after a partisan attack had claimed the lifes of 33 German soldiers (an SS military police battalion from South Tyrol). Priebke was one of those who was held responsible for this mass execution. After the Nazis were defeated, he got help from ODESSA to flee to Argentina where he lived for over 50 years.

In 1994, 50 years after the massacre, Priebke felt he could now talk about the incident and was interviewed by an American ABC News reporter Sam Donaldson. This caused outrage among people who had not forgotten the incident, and led to his extradition to Italy and a trial which would last more than four years.On March 20, 2004 80 Nazi and fascist sympathizers gathered in a room of the Centro Lettarario in Trieste to show their support for the man. He is currently under house arrest because of his old age, and on June 12, 2007 he received authorization to leave his home for working reasons, being now expected to work at his lawyer’s office in Rome.This led to angry protests from Jewish groups and the judge decision was overturned.

Aribert Heim (born June 28, 1914- ????) is a former Austrian doctor. As an SS doctor in a Nazi concentration camp in Mauthausen, he is accused of killing and harrassing many inmates through various methods, such as direct injections of toxic compounds into the hearts of his victims. Along with Alois Brunner, Heim who would now be (as of 2008) in his early nineties is one of the last major Nazi fugitives still at large.However, according to a 2007 publication by former Israeli Air Force Colonel Danny Baz, Heim was kidnapped from Canada and taken to Santa Catalina off the Californian coast, where he was killed by a Nazi hunting team code named The Owl in 1982.Baz himself claims to have been part of this group. The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem, as well as the french Nazi Hunter Serge Klarsfeld say this is not true.Heim’s family previously said that he died in 1993 in Argentina, but did not provide a certificate of death or accept his inheritance.

Heim is now the focus of a last-ditch effort to hunt down Nazi war criminals in South America.

Operation Last Chance was launched by the Simon Wiesenthal Center in 2002 to find as many surviving Nazi war criminals as possible before they can die natural deaths. It offers rewards for information leading to successful prosecutions and has compiled a list of nearly 500 suspected Nazis in 20 countries.

Heim, who is number two on the list, is believed to have been living in Spain as recently as 2005, when an Israeli citizen reported having seen an elderly German man with a prominent scar, who matched Heim’s description, on the resort island of Ibiza.

There were reports this summer that investigators were closing in on Heim, who would be 93 years old if he is still alive. Efraim Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal Center explained that, “If someone, God forbid, murdered your grandmother … it wouldn’t very much matter to you if that person was 70, 80, or 90.”

The Center is offering a $448,000 bounty for Heim, pledged in part by Germany and Austria. “I would go so far as to say, if the only result of Operation Last Chance is that Albert Heim is brought to justice, that in itself would be worth it,” Zuroff concluded.

Edward Roschmann (also Eduard Roschmann) (25 August 1908 – 10 August 1977) was an SS commander, holding the rank of Hauptsturmführer and one of the heads of the concentration camp at Riga, used to persecute German Jews. Infamous as “The Butcher of Riga,” Roschmann was sought for war crimes and remained a fugitive for the rest of his life. Hiding for the most part in Argentina, Roschmann is speculated to have been a leader of the post-war ODESSA network of fugitive SS officers.
The advance of the USSR’s Red Army prompted Roschmann to move westwards with his SS unit, taking along the living inmates of the camp. The grueling retreat claimed the lives of thousands of the remaining inmates, who had virtually no food or clothing and being marched through snow-laden routes in freezing cold. With the approaching defeat of Germany, Roschmann escaped from the Soviet and Allied authorities in the guise of an army corporal. Sheltering amongst friends in Austria, he was twice apprehended by Allied authorities, but managed to escape both times.Making contact with an organization of SS fugitives, he was smuggled to a monastery in Rome, which served as a major hiding place under the auspices of the monk Alois Hudal.

Roschmann then travelled to Juan Peron’s Argentina, where the sympathetic government gave him citizenship. Roschmann was forced to leave Argentina in 1977 after West Germany requested his extradition. Shifting to Paraguay, Roschmann died of a heart attack later in the year.


Adolf Hitler faked his own suicide and fled to Argentina where he lived until a ripe old age, according to extraordinary new claims.

Authors of the new book ‘Grey Wolf: The Escape Of Adolf’ believe evidence of the tyrant’s suicide is flawed – and that he actually escaped in 1945 to begin a new life with his wife, Eva Braun.

But the claims have been ridiculed by leading historian Guy Walters who today branded them ‘2,000 per cent rubbish.’

Junk history’: Claims that Adolf Hitler, left, and his partner Eva Braun, fled Germany and survived in Argentina have been branded ‘utter nonsense’ by a leading historian

Eva Braun
Mr Williams and Mr Dunstan go on to state the pair had two daughters before Hitler died in 1962 at the age of 73.Mr Williams, a historian and journalist who has written extensively about the Second World War, told Sky News: ‘We didn’t want to re-write history, but the evidence we’ve discovered about the escape of Adolf Hitler is just too overwhelming to ignore.

‘There is no forensic evidence for his, or Eva Braun’s deaths, and the stories from the eyewitnesses to their continued survival in Argentina are compelling.’

Escape: This map shows the route that Hitler and Braun are said to have used to escape from the Fuhrerbunker in Berlin when the Russians were approaching

The book also claims American intelligence officials were complicit in the escape, in return for access to war technology developed by the Nazis.

It also says that skull fragments thought to be those of Hitler currently held by the Russians are actually that of a young woman under the age of 40. Hitler was 56 when he died.

Mr Williams said he and Mr Dunstan - an author, film-maker and photographer who specialises in military history - carried out their research on the ground in Argentina, interviewing eyewitnesses to Hitler’s presence there.

He added: ‘It’s only now that Argentina is once more a thriving democracy that the real stories are beginning to come out.

‘Even so, two of our eyewitnesses received death threats from persons unknown while working with us on this book.’

The sensational claims have already been ridiculed by historians, including Mr Walters, who has studied Nazi Germany extensively and written a series of books about the war.

He labelled the idea that Hitler lived in South America until the 1960s as the ‘worst sort of junk history’ that relied on ‘dubious secondary sources.’

He said: ‘The theory that Hitler survived rubbishes decades of research by proper historians and intelligence officers.

Hideaway: Decades of research has concluded that Hitler and Eva Braun died at the Fuhrerbunker in Berlin, pictured

New home: Hitler lived until the age of 73 in the foothills of the Andes mountains in Argentina, according to Grey Wolf:
The Escape of Adolf Hitler

‘The two authors should be ashamed of themselves for peddling this kind of utter nonsense. It’s simply unbelievable that publishers would give them the time of day.

‘It’s an absolute disgrace. There’s no substance to it at all. It appeals to the deluded fantasies of conspiracy theorists and has no place whatsoever in historical research.

‘There have been thousands of theories over the years that Hitler might have escaped but they are nothing more than parlor games.

‘The evidence that Hitler was killed in simply overwhelming. For these authors to claim otherwise is simply staggering.’

Mr Walters conceded that the authors are right in stating that the skull taken by the Russians was not that of Hitler.

He said: ‘There were many people in the bunker and it takes a giant leap of the imagination to get from a museum in Russia to him living a life in Argentina.

‘The idea that everybody in the bunker was in on the plan is infeasible. It just would not have happened.

‘The whole point of Hitler was that he would die after the war. It was not in his psychology to carry on living in Argentina.’

Rochus Misch, 94, Hitler’s former radio operator and the last survivor of the Berlin bunker, says he saw the bodies of ‘the boss’ and Eva Braun with his own eyes.

He said: ‘I was in the room next door when he shot himself. I did not hear the shot but I saw his uncovered corpse when the door was opened.

‘I saw Hitler slumped with his head on the table.

‘I saw Eva Braun sitting dead in the corner of the sofa, her head turned to Hitler, her knees pulled up to her chest. She had a dark blue dress on and a white frill on her collar.’

Historians hold him up as a reliable source and he is the author of a book, published several years ago, called The Last Witness.

Grey Wolf focuses on the crucial days in 1945 as the allies closed in on Hitler’s bunker.


The room of the bunker where Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun supposedly committed suicide , you can see clearly thecouch that the Russians presented has proof of his death, the blood analysis was inconclusive

The place were the bodys were found


Mr Williams and Mr Dunstan claim a body double took Hitler’s place and an actress stood in for Eva Braun on April 27.

It was at this point that the pair were able to flee Berlin, travelling to Tonder in Denmark before returning to Travemunde in Germany.

From here it is claimed that they flew to a Spanish military base at Reus, south of Barcelona, before General Franco supplied a plane to take them to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands.

A day later the two fugitives are said to have boarded a U-boat and the two body doubles were executed and their bodies subsequently burned.

The book points to declassified FBI documents which contain references to Hitler having escaped Berlin to begin a new life in South America.

It also includes testimony from the pilot who supposedly flew Hitler and Eva Braun out of Berlin to Mar Del Plata on the Argentinian coast.

Here they say he lived in a wooden chalet in a remote village where they survived on the money from looted gold and jewellery.

The book quotes a number of sources, such as cooks and doctors, who claim to have knew the Nazi leader before he died aged 73 on February 13, 1962. They claim that Hitler’s bloodline survived through two daughters he had with Braun.

If Hitler had escaped to Argentina, he would have been following in the footsteps of his henchmen, Mengele, Eichmann and Barbie who all fled after the war to South America.

A film based on the claims called Grey Wolf is currently being made and is due to be released early next year.

It is not the first time that Hitler has been rumoured to have fled to Argentina. Author Abel Basti claimed the same in his 2003 book Hitler In Argentina.

Many researchers say that Hanna Reitsch took off downwind in her Fi 156 Storch, from the Tiergarten adjacent to the Führerbunker in Berlin on 28 April 1945, then flew Hitler and Eva Braun to Norway, where they joined a flotilla of submarines that sailed to Argentina or the Antartica
Others believe she took them to Jugoslavia, then under the military governorship of Sepp Dietrich head of the Waffen SS, who arranged for their secure tenure in that country, whence they left for Argentina in 1947.

The escape by UBoat is a very probable Theory

Wolf said Hitler and Braun fled to Argentine shores aboard a submarine and lived for many years in the vicinity of San Carlos de Bariloche, a tourist site and ski haven some 1,000 miles southwest of Buenos Aires.

In his book Bariloche Nazi-Guía Turística he reproduced documents, affidavits, photographs and blueprints aimed at steering the reader to the sites that sheltered Hitler and his top henchmen.

He claimed the Incalco Ranch, located in Villa la Angostura on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, was the refuge chosen by Argentine Nazis to hide the couple.

Set amid a pine forest, it could only be reached by boat or hydroplane, and belonged to Argentine businessman Jorge Antonio, one of the most trusted friends of three-times president Juan Domingo Perón.

Basti also claimed Hitler had lived at Hacienda San Ramon, six miles east of Bariloche, which belonged at the time to Schaumberg-Lippe principality.

Insiders Predict a 5-Day Bank Holiday in Europe Before Euro Ends, Renminbi May Replace US Dollar in September - By Benjamin Fulford. Tags: Benjamin Fulford


I post this out of interest rather than expectation as we have seen that word "imminent" before !





The final showdown in the ongoing financial war is appearing imminent. The 140 nation BRICS alliance is preparing to offer to buy up all cash US dollars and replace them with a new currency backed by a basket of commodities, including precious metals, according to multiple sources. After that move, any money printed by the US Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate would not be accepted as currency by the 140 nation group. This would force an end game for the criminal cabal that illegally seized power in the United States.
Before that move, though, there will be a 5-day bank holiday in Europe followed by the end of the Euro and the re-introduction of old national currencies like the Deutschemark and the Drachma, Rothschild family sources say.

The situation, however, remains highly volatile and there are signs of dangerous end-game maneuvers by the cabal.

In Japan, the attempt by the cabal controlled media to create panic over the nuclear terrorism at Fukushima, is being accompanied by renewed threats of nuclear terror. The deep sea drilling ship Chikyu Maru has been spotted off the shore of the Rokkasho Mura nuclear complex in Aomori Prefecture Japan, according to Japanese military intelligence. The ship is crewed by Americans and brainwashed Japanese slaves.

Rokkasho Mura is the location of a giant plutonium processing complex that has already produced enough plutonium to manufacture 5000 nuclear weapons. Sending the Chikyu Maru to drill tactical nuclear warheads into the seabed off the shore of Rokkasho Mura is a cabal attempt to blackmail the planet with a nuclear holocaust.

Shoichiro Kobayashi, adviser to Kansai Electric Power, and Yoshiyasu Sato, adviser to Tokyo Electric Power and both members of the Rothschild crime syndicate’s Trilateral commission will be taken in for vigorous questioning about their knowledge of this renewed terror threat. They are expected to sing like canaries and point their fingers directly at the Rockefeller gangsters behind these latest terror threats.

Message to the Rockefeller family: Remove David, David Junior, Nicholas and J. from all responsibility and hand over control of the Rockefeller syndicate to the female members of that family. If you do not, every single descendant of John Rockefeller will be hunted down and eliminated from all levels of existence forever.

While we are at it, we would also like to kindly request that the Du Pont family remove all carcinogens and infertility causing chemicals from their product lines in Japan and elsewhere.

Sources in the Japanese underworld are also now reporting that the Inagawa Kai and Yamaguchi Gumi yakuza gangs are split between those who are still working for the committee of 300 and those who want to restore Japanese independence. The talk is that top committee of 300 traitor slaves Yasuhiro Nakasone and Junichiro Koizumi are headed for punishment from heaven.

Question for Nakasone: “What was in all those blue boxes your people loaded into a submarine and sent to your North Korean homeland?” Was it documentary evidence of your crimes or were you sending Japanese plutonium to North Korea?

The other people on the crime list in Japan are Hisashi Owada from the International Court of Justice and Eiji Katsu from the Ministry of Finance. Owada’s daughter, Princess Masako, recently tried to poison the Japanese Emperor, according to families inside the Royal Household Agency.

The Emperor recently returned from England where he discussed the White Dragon Society, among other subjects, with the Queen. A representative of the emperor asked for a meeting with a representative of the White Dragon Society on May 26th, but the between was abruptly postponed by the Emperor’s side. We do not know why.

We trust the Emperor and the Queen agreed to purge the Satanists from the committee of 300 and support a massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. Hand written letters will be delivered to both parties requesting support for such a campaign and requesting their voluntary appearance before a truth and reconciliation committee.

Returning to the situation in Europe, we notice most of the reporting about the “financial crisis,” there leaves out the elephant in the living room, i.e. the 140 nation BRICS alliance.

The link to the following map explains the real reason for the crisis:
Basically, Europe has maxed out its credit card with the rest of the world. The region as a whole needs to negotiate a restructuring of its debt to the rest of the world. The rest of the world is asking for an end to ceaseless warmongering in return. The only European country other than Germany that has enough money to solve the crisis without reference of the rest of the world is Russia. Give Putin a call.

Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, the longest serving Finance Minister in the G8 and a direct participant in the financial negotiations of the past few years, explains the situation very clearly in this op-ed:
Basically, he is saying the Europeans need to take their medicine just like all other countries that went to the IMF for money in the past had to.

The firing of the head of the Vatican bank last week and the turmoil in the Vatican are more signs of the end of an era in Europe.

The situation in the US is also coming to a head. A very senior US agency source asked that the following information be spread far and wide:

President Obama’s social security number 042-68-4425 belonged to a John Paul Ludwig born in 1890. Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham, worked in a probate office in Hawaii where she had access to social security numbers of deceased individuals. Because Ludwig never received Social Security Benefits, there were no benefits to stop, therefore no questions were ever raised.

Dunham, knowing her grandson was not a US citizen, because he was born in Kenya and became a citizen of Indonesia upon his adoption, she scoured the probate records until she found someone who died who was not getting benefits and selected Mr. Ludwig’s for Obama, the agency official explained.

Detailed, indictable criminal evidence against Henry Kissinger was also provided by sources in Indonesia. Basically, Kissinger was involved in the murder of 14,000 Indonesians in Papua New Guinea to facilitate gold mining by Freeport, a company Kissinger advises. Kissinger gets $500,000 a year from them as a board member and gets another $500,000 in consulting fees.

In any case once the corporate government of the US is put out of business, the Renminbi will become the currency of the world. The date given by two insiders for this event is September 16th. We again remind readers that many dates have come and gone without predictions turning true so please remain skeptical and only believe 100% when you actually see it happen.

However, it is true that China has been systematically buying up all natural products like trees, copper, farmland or anything tangible to back a reality based currency.


Protester Storms Blair's Leveson Hearing Tags: blair war criminal hearing

Video add by SiNeh~ as the Yahoo Video can' be downloaded. to watch the Video on yahoo go to the source the article is form

A protester has branded Tony Blair a war criminal after storming the Leveson Inquiry hearing where the former prime minister is giving evidence.

The man, dressed in a white shirt and chinos, entered the room from behind Lord Justice Leveson where the door is manned by a sole usher.

He appeared to catch security at the Royal Courts of Justice off guard and was able to shout out his message before he was bundled away.

As Mr Blair looked on, the protester said: "This man should be arrested for war crimes. JP Morgan paid him off for the Iraq War three months after we invaded Iraq.

"They held up the Iraq bank for \$20bn. He was then paid \$6m every year and still is from JP Morgan six months after he left office. The man is a war criminal."

Lord Justice Leveson immediately ordered an inquiry into the security breach.

Appearing slightly stunned, he said: "I'm sorry for that Mr Blair. I would like to find out how this gentleman managed to access the court through what is supposed to be a secure corridor.

"I will have an investigation undertaken about that immediately. I apologise."

Mr Blair added: "Can I just say on the record what he said about Iraq and JP Morgan is completely and totally untrue. I have never had any discussion with them about that."

Sky News crime correspondent Martin Brunt said a 49-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of causing a breach of the peace.

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