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Kissinger: US & Russia should look to their past to help overcome their current differences
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KISSINGER is a WAR CRIMINAL and I honestly ask me why he sit there and speak? What is the Agenda behind it?



Published on 30 Jun 2017

Credit to Ruptly
Global leadership is part of US foreign policy DNA, according to former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, while Russia has previously positioned itself as “defender and advocate” of a world order based on religion, and then on Marxist principles.
Speaking alongside Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the Primakov Readings International Forum on Friday, Kissinger said that “the idea of global leadership is almost part of the American foreign policy DNA,” adding that the US has positioned itself not simply as a leader, but as “the leader.”


Why Modern Architecture SUCKS
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Published on 30 Jun 2017

We are being indoctrinated to accept ugliness as a form of beauty.


Is Global Warming a Hoax to Distract Us?
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Is Global Warming a Hoax to Distract Us?


Global warming is a favorite topic these days. It covers the widespread heating of the Earth's surface, oceans, and atmosphere. Since the late 1800s scientists have documented the rise in average temperatures worldwide. Most of today’s scientific community acknowledges the existence of global warming.


However, many people are debating over whether global warming is a man-made phenomenon or naturally occurring. Is all the talk about global warming legitimate, or is there an underlying motive behind its rise in popular media?


The Argument

There is no doubt that global warming is happening. Over the years we have continued to see an increase in the atmosphere and oceans. Many people believe that this increase climate change is a man-made phenomenon. However, there is another group that argue that it is a natural phenomenon.


The impacts of global warming are already being seen. Ocean levels are rising, and adverse weather conditions continue to be common in occurrence. However, many argue that the global economic impact will be huge, particularly if man-made global warming believers are wrong.


Who Benefits from the Global Warming Story?

Many organizations benefit from the increased popularity of the global warming spiel. The growing sustainable living industry is turning into a multi-billion dollar industry. As support for the fight against Global Warming grows, so too does the market for sustainable products.


It is also worth considering the economic impact. In 2012, Donald Trump claimed that the concept of man-made global warming was created by the Chinese to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive. Furthermore, US Senator James Inhofe has stated that the supporters of the Kyoto protocol are aiming to create global governance.


Are We Getting the Full Story?

If we look at governments from around the world, we find clear evidence that many have been withholding evidence, or spreading false information about climate change for their benefit.


For example, in 2015 the documentary “Under The Dome” covered China’s growing air pollution problem. As a result, the documentary was censored by the Chinese government. As support for Global Warming grows and criticism of world governments increases, access to online news outlets and social media continues to be restricted.


Regular people are finding themselves with misinformation, potentially making them more vulnerable to government and commercial propaganda. To bypass online censorship, many individuals in these countries have resorted to Tor networks and other VPN services.


Censorship isn’t exclusive to more oppressive governments. The US has also been caught out in suppressing information regarding climate change.


Follow the Money

Many have claimed that hundreds of climate scientists have twisted their results in order to support the man-made climate change theory and protect their research funding. However, when we look closely, the money tells a different story.


There is evidence that strongly suggests there is a systematic and well-funded misinformation campaign, which was designed to downplay the impacts of global warming, and undermine the scientific consensus on climate change. Riding on the coattails of this doubt, are large organizations seeking to spread misinformation and influence policy makes for their own gain.


An investigation conducted by The Carbon Brief found 9 out of 10 of the most outspoken advocates against the man-made global warming consensus had ties to oil and gas company ExxonMobil. Furthermore, these individuals and organization would actively keep the global warming debate alive long after the scientific community had reach a conclusion, furthering the doubt and misinformation.


So, Is Global Warming a Hoax?

I’m skeptical to believe the naysayers. The argument used by governments and other commercial industries against the idea that we are the cause of global warming is weak. Many of their arguments sound very similar to those used by cigarette companies during the death throes of the cigarette industry.


Some agencies and businesses benefit no matter what side of the global warming coin you look at. Who do you choose to believe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



Author Bio: Sandra is a blogger and advocate for global betterment. This, combined with a natural curiosity, has driven her to question the status quo and continuously seek out the truth.

You can read more of Sandras' writings at:


I personally would like to say "thank you Sandra for this well written article. I think it is important that people have access to as much as possible good researched information. Global warming or Climat change is sure something we should give our attention."



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