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A breakthrough in car - technology !
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A breakthrough in car - technology !

From our series Inventions that will change the world

Man recharges an electric car simply via the cigarette lighter

Lucerne, (PRS) exclusively for BOLE - electric cars are impractical and must pause to recharge at longer distances - that was believed to among drivers as proven.
Even Marco Pfeifer (37) from Lucerne (Suisse) charged his electric car for years at night at the socket in his garage.
Until he made a discovery that could revolutionize the auto industry.

Parsifal, April 1, 2016

The starting point of which he developed this ingenious trick is an inconspicuous part of many car dashboards - the cigarette lighter.

'I thought: My car runs on electricity. From the cigarette lighter comes power. So I put together two and two'

explains the 37-year-old.

Only smokers are left out in the cold when the cigarette lighter is always occupied.
The amateur tinkerer crafted at the other end of the charging cable simply a cigarette lighter adapter (cost: about 4,99 USD).
Then he put it all together, started the engine and watched as the needle of the fuel gauge wandered slowly in the direction 'fully charged'.

Since then, three months have passed, in which Marco Pfeifer has travelled around 2.500 kilometers - without even once at night loading stationary or to stop at an E-station.
Gasoline cost: zero. Electricity costs: zero.

'You just have to make sure that the engine is running, if you load your car via the cigarette lighter,'


said Pfeifer.

'Otherwise, it sucks a battery ricky-tick empty'

Although the trick was working while standing, when the engine is idling, but mostly Marco Pfeifer charges his car directly while driving.

'If the engine is running at high speed, it produces more electricity. The faster you drive, the faster the tank is full again'

'After all, the maximum speed of my car is 180 km per hour and even if I received 3 speeding tickets for speeding violations and I'm constantly tapped in radar traps this does not scare me because with all the money that I save as I produce the power for my car myself, I can easily finance the pesky penalties'.


and added,


'The more and the faster I drive the more the plug adaptor redeems'.

So far, Marco Pfeifer sees in his method only one drawback:

'I can not close the passenger window completely since the cable passes through. But that's actually not a problem, because I then in winter simply am running on full blast the heater. I've got enough power',

so the inventor.
The next step in the development of this advanced technology Pfeifer wants to patent his idea, and then sell it to the oil sheiks expensive:

'They'll be happy to finally reduce their oil purchases and so increase the prize of oil if there is such a simple alternative that not only protects the environment but also at the same time the money bag'


Not enough with that, Pfeifer also ponders how to power his house with the energy from the cigarette lighter.


Amazing: from a Meat Farm to Animal Sanctuary
Tags: Inspiration Consciousness Empowerment

What happens when a rancher's wife turns into a #vegan?

The amazing story behind Rowdy Girl Sanctuary.


Amazing: from a Meat Farm to Animal Sanctuary

What happens when a rancher's wife turns into a #vegan?The amazing story behind Rowdy Girl Sanctuary.

Posted by Best Video You Will Ever See on Thursday, March 17, 2016




This Man Started Singing “Stand By Me” On The Street. But You’ll Be SHOCKED To See Who Joined Him!
Category: Music

“Stand by Me”, originally composed and sung by Ben E. King, is one of the most recognizable tunes of the century. It has over 400 recorded versions, from everyone including John Lennon to Otis Redding releasing their versions of this memorable song. In 2015, it was also inducted into the National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress.

The version in this video is one of the most unique versions ever. Musicians from all over the world have lent their talents into making this amazing cover. This was made possible by, which reaches out to communities around the world and provides children with music and art education. Since their humble beginnings in 2005, they have become a global sensation. Since music is so universal, it’s no surprise to see them become a global sensation!

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