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Gilad Atzmon - The Tyranny of Political Correctness
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Gilad Atzmon - The Tyranny of Political Correctness

original title:
'Identitarians vs. Patriots - Elaborating on Progressive duplicity and the Rise of the Right (video)'

Parsifal, December 30, 2016  - [amendments and eludications in brackets]

'America is now divided into two groups of people.
The Identitarians and the Americans.
The Identitarians are a people who have dedicated themselves to the 'As-A-Philosophy'.
They identify as a gay, a lesbian, as a woman, as a Jew, as a Black.
The Americans identify themselves primarily as Americans.

Therewith accrues a big question, now that we are up-to-date.
How is it possible that America was led into this divider of intuition?
It is, therefore, a great question because in the old days, the Left were involved to unite us, all of us.
They said it doesn't matter whether you are a Jew, Muslim, gay, a woman or a man, or a alpha man like me, we are all together against capital, against the villains in the City of London or Wall Street.

[With the Left is not meant to be the German party, but the Left in the United States, so this which hates the traditional America.
Here in Europe I call the Pandant Left-Fascists]

In the old times we were together, we were united.
Then, the Left has accepted the new 'As-A-philosophy' ... as a Jew, as a gay, as a Muslim, as a Black.
Instead of being united, we have found ourselves in the idiotic fight against each other and in a sectarian war.

The struggle for same-sex marriage.
Whom the same-sex marriage, interests?
None of our business.
After all, do what you want.

But these sectarian battles are very good for the capital, is very good for the City.
Because instead of fighting Wall Street, we are busy with this idiotic fight.
Race wars ... who has joined in the race wars?
Or the gender war.

Oh yes, everyone can be 'as a' except the Whites.
If one identifies as White, he is not one of them.
And I'm not a white right-wing activist.
It is very easy to see, everyone can play this game of the Left, except the majority.

I'm fascinated by this philosophy and have therefore decided to take a closer look.
How did the Left manage to introduce this dividing philosophy which is, in the core, oriented biologically?
If one is Black, then it is a biological issue.
You can't pick and choose.
I mean, some people have tried, like Michael Jackson.

If you are a lesbian, or gay, then it is probably by the biology of a certain determined orientation, I do not know it.
In the majority of cases, yes.

In fact, if we look at it, it is quite-very-devastating, because the worst aspect of Hitler's philosophy or the politics of Hitler, was the biology.

The idea that people should live in a national socialist System, is not a problem.
To be a patriot and socialist, is not a problem.
The racism was the problem.
That someone is accused of something, because of the biology.

Shocking enough, the Left have adopted this philosophy.
Man identifies himself politically according his biology.
As a woman, as a feminist, as a Jew.
Who is a Jew?
People whose mother is Jewish.
They have the gene.
The same is true for the Black.

The Left have taken over the most problematic Chapter in Hitler's ideology.
It is completely shocking!!!

On the other hand, not so shocking - as we will see later - who has implanted the ideology into the Left.

Now there is an interesting aspect.
We look at the 'As-A-Jew-category'.
This category does not end at the borders of America.
The Jews of the United States are associated with the Jews in the British island, with the Jews in Israel and with the Jews in Russia.
And they communicate and support each other.

It's called the world of Judaism! [The International Jew]

If we start to split society in edge groups, then each group to become a part of a cosmopolitan discourse.
The gays in New York are part of the American gay people, are part of the British gay people, Russian gay people, they are all together.

That is, if 'we' want to do something against Putin, and want to implement gay politics in Moscow, then 'we' can do it.
This connect is the cosmopolitization of the symptom.
Practically speaking, we have made 'everyone' to a Jew.

Only, no one can be as good a Jew as the Jews.
Because the Jews make it for 3.000 years.
Already with 5 years, I was smarter than the most experienced gay politicians.
Unless he is a Jew.
Because it lies in my language.
The being 'chosen'.

We must now explain why the Left have betrayed the working class.
Instead of uniting, it has segregated.
Instead of focusing on the primary interest, work, health and education, they have discussed about gay politics and all that bullshit.

And while they have each other fought about the insignificant, has adopted the globalization and trade agreements have been signed and America was impoverished.
I'm talking about America, but it is the same in the UK and everywhere.

The Left have taken it for a number of reasons.

The Left are engaged in an institutionalised conflict with the working population.
The Left do not like at all the workers, they have never liked.
Because the working people always use to choose the flag.

The workers have always been inspired by nationalism.
Because it is so simple.
The flag is the simplest concept.
If I am a British citizen and hold the flag, then Isaac Newton, Bertrant Russell and Churchill are part of my extended family.

If I'm an American and mount the flag in front of my house, then I'm a super power, then I've won some wars ... I've lost some, but we don't talk about ... we just lose an other one, but not talk about it ... but one will be part of a very big thing.
America is very large.

What have to offer the Left?
Only abstract concepts, such as multiculturalism.

If you are a working person, then you don't need identity politics, and there is no need to identify yourself as a person.
You just have to work.
I don't identify myself as a Saxophonist.
I'm a Saxphonist.

The Left is invested in a policy that is completely meaningless with regards to the working population and, therefore, they always elect the Tories in England, and here they tend to the Republicans.

There is something else.

What is the difference between left and right?
The Left tell us how the world should be.
We should live in equality in diversity, in égalité ... all wonderful ideas.
The Rights I speak of the ideological Right, tellss us how the world really is.

People need to take care of the daily bread, are not interested in how the world should be (a utopia), they may want bread and butter on the table: now.

What I am about to tell you will help you to understand the total failure of the Clinton campaign.
If the Left care about how the world should be, in contrast to how the world is, then, the Left are shaped like a dream.

And if you experience a dream, then it is the last thing one wants that someone awakens him.
The Left have become more and more delusional and detached.
I knew Trump will win.
Trump, he knew he would win.
There were people who have given Trump a Chance of 30% to 40%.

The Huffington Post has written, and how it is possible, we will give him 1% and you [the people] 40?
If you have a dream, an orgasmic dream, then you are in this orgasmic dream already the President.
Then you will not allow anyone, to be awakened.

The more the dream is detached, the more delusional the dream is, the less one is willing to wake up.
This explains to us exactly what happened at the Brexit, exactly what happened in America a month ago, and it will happen to more and more places in the West.

The Left are invested in this splitting-policy, which prevents the vision to see their own destruction, which is fascinating.
But the Left were not alone in this.
The Jewish elite is horrified by the concept that the working class to unite.

And they have a good reason.
Because the Jewish modern history has proven, it is the working class that turns against them.
This we have seen in Europe, 70 years ago.

For the Jewish elite, the splitting of society into 'tribes' is an insurance policy.
And they are happy to invest some money in it.
Because it does not cost much.
What it costs George Soros to fund each of these groups?

He is the one.
He needed only a fraction of his billions to pay Black Live Matters, BDS, gays, feminists, etc.

So we see here a symbiosis between the Left, which became the New Left, which is completely compromised in its essential principles, and funded by Jewish money, George Soros.
But he is not alone.

As Clinton appeared as if she would win, has bragged every Jewish media one week before the election, the top five donors for Clinton are Jews.

The Jewish Chronical, Jewish Telegraphic News Agency, and Forward, they called the names of Soros, Saban, Goldman Sachs, etc.

Told by the same media, it then came out, Trump was also supported by Adelson.
Yes, you can say that Adelson is a better player than Soros, because of all his casinos, but from a Jewish perspective, It makes no difference.

Because who's moving to the White House is in the pocket of one or another of the Jewish oligarchs.
This is the Free America.

The people for Palestine need to think in statistical terms.
In America, Jews make up 2 percent.
Most of them have nothing to do with it.
It is only a fraction of the Jews that are involved in this game.

Remember how many Jews the Palestinians are having to deal with.
You can't even cope with 2 percent of your population.
In Palestine, they are the majority.

We see the advent of this splitting ideology.
Jewish elements of the elite support this intellectually.
After all, who are the leaders of the individual groups?
But no one talks about it.

Why must come a Saxophonist from England, and explain to you the Situation of your society?
And say things which can not be found in your press.

Not because you're stupid.
You're stupid to let it happen.
It is because you can't think properly.
Why can't you think properly?
Because you neutered by the tyranny of Political Correctness.

What is the Definition of Jewish?
It is my Definition, but it is now the universal Definition.
I am very happy about it.
I define Jewish Power as to have the Power to bring criticism on the Jewish Power to silence.

This is the real meaning of Political Correctness.
Political Correctness is a policy that doesn't allow political criticism.
It is known to you?
Must be known to you.
This is also the very definition of tyranny.

But there is another tyranny.
One knows he does not like Stalin, or Hollande, or Tony Blair.
But under the tyranny of Political Correctness you don't even know what you like.
Because political correctness is working with castration.
Because it neutered the ability to think.

Who was the first person who realised we were going in this direction?
It was George Orwell in '1984'.
He saw it.
As '1984' was part of the American and British curriculum, believed the idiots in our education ministries, it was about Stalin.

NO ... it was a book about England, about America, about Podesta and Hillary Clinton and the Jewish lobbies.
Who was the figure of the controlled opposition?
Emanuel Goldstein.
Not Camille Abu Rabu.

He made him a Trotskyist, for a reason.
Because he saw Democracy Now, Noam Chomsky, he saw all of these.
Where has he seen them?
He met them in Catalonia, 1936.
He fought in the International Brigade in Spain.
And there they spoke Yiddish, because 75% of the fighters were Jews.

They were good Jews, because as they believed to be real members of the working class, they need to go to Spain to fight.
They came to Spain and realized that nobody else was there.
Because the workers could not come.
They had to work.

The working class consists of people who have to go to work every day.
The Jews, who identified with the working class, went to Spain ... and have set churches on behalf of the working class on fire.
This is fucking bizarre!

Because I revealed, you can't imagine how many good friends have I lost.
Orwell fought with these people.
With the later Democracy Now people, with Real Jews, and Paul Jay, and the Chomsky's.
He saw their deceitful and double-tongued qualities.

Interestingly, wrote Orwell never an anti-Semitic text.
He was not an anti-Semite.
He was accused to be one.
Who is still accused of being one?
Everyone, even the Jews.
No, I mean Donald Trump.
He is accused of being an anti-Semite.

This is quite shocking, when you consider the fact that he has a Jewish daughter, all his other children, except his youngest son are married or liaised to Jews.
When he was elected, some of the Jews saw him as the first Jewish President.
They move very fast, one has to admit.

Why was Trump accused of being an anti-Semite?
Because he is a Nationalist.
And if you are one, then you want to abolish the division.
But there are other reasons.
Because many of his supporters are patriotic.
And 'our' Jewish elite don't like the patriots.

What was so scary for the Jews because of the patriots in Michigan?
I tell you and it is scary.
For the Americans, and I mean the one that are not Identitarians, it is the utopia of nostalgia.
For the Americans, Trump is a Hero, because his motto is: 'Make America Great Again', the emphasis is on AGAIN, so once more.

We go not forward but back ... to the time ... and I don't know if Trump can make it possible, here I want not to be a prophet, but analyse the discourse.

If we want to understand the Jewish Aggression, what it really means, we need to understand why they are so afraid of American patriots, who want to turn back the hands of time.

The reason I believe is because the patriots want have back the time, where America was NOT dominated of the Jewish Mamonites [Mennonites], such as Goldman Sachs, Soros, Saban, etc.

They are afraid that the Americans are ecstatic over the return of Henry Ford.
In a time where the American society worked.
A economy, where they work and with their wages can buy anything what they want, no matter if they need it.

What is shocking, no one in Michigan blames the Jews for the disaster there .. YET!
This is important.
The Jews are afraid that these white American 'red necks', so white superiority thinkers as they call them, you want to throw them into the sea, but it is only in their minds.

There is no evidence that something is the case.
Trump is pro-Israel, pro-Jewish, let his children get married with Jews, is surrounded by Jewish Mamonites, he takes money from Adelson.
What we really see, this Aggression is a symptom of Jewish Guilt.

If you want to understand the Jewish Guilt, one must look to the Jewish Aggression.
The Jewish Aggression against the so-called white superiority thinkers, the Red-Necks, so, in principle, the Americans, is because Detroit is a desert, because of Wall Street.

I mean, not all Jews, but the Jewish elite, the Jewish Left.

When Trump mentioned in his last advertising Soros, Yellen, and Goldman Sachs, no one has brought it in touch with them.
They are the active players in the destruction of the Western universe.

The people who destroy the West, have faces and they have names and we have the right to show the finger at them.
The System of Identitarians was created, in order to prevent this finger.
Because this System leads to a gender war, race war, religious war.

If we go war against all of us, nobody looks at Soros, nobody looks at the criminality of Goldman Sachs, and no one on the Federal Reserve, which is also a part of this System.'

Gilad Atzmon - Identity Politics Tension with Patriotism Part 1

for the sake of completeness:
(Gilad Atzmon - Identity Politics Tension with Patriotism Part 2)


I have transcribed the talk by Gilad Atzmon in New York from the video with his permission and published, because I think his analysis of American society and the events of 2016 is very understandable, aptly and accurately.
What he tells is true not only in the USA but also in Europe and Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Not only me call them Left-fascists, because they have adopted the separation and racist ideology of Hitler, the split-up in groups, his intolerance, his forcible-coordination = 'Gleichschaltung', his censorship and methods of propaganda.
Who were the first Greens and animal rights activists ?
The SS and Nazis !
Who were vegetarians or militant nonsmokers ?
Hitler, Mussolini and Franco.
Who invented the word 'racism' ?
It was Leo Trotsky, born Bronstein, one of the chief ideologues of Marxism-Leninism.

However, the split began with the 68 - movement between an authoritarian (on the right), and an anti-authoritarian (left) society.
Politically, ever since then more and more, we move inch by inch to the Extreme Left, and therefore lose cohesion and order.

Gilad was born in 1963 in Jerusalem, completed the Israeli military service and then moved in 1993 to London, where he took British citizenship.
He is a well-known jazz musician, political activist, and book author.
He plays wind instruments, saxophone, clarinet, and other wood wind instruments.
As a Jew, he strongly criticised Zionism, the Jewish elite and the feeling of superiority of the Israeli society towards Palestinians.

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